Thursday, December 18, 2008

My heart is not for sale!

While most of us surfing the Internet do not have any problem checking into any private hospitals for treatment, especially those from GLCs (my sis, who used to work with a renowned private luxury hospital, told me these companies are their cash cows), there are many people out there that can't even afford to pay a bus fare to the nearest clinic.

The Gomen now wants to privatise IJN. I bet Gomen is running out of money to operate this establishment by selling it to Sime Darby. Hmmm..I wonder if Sime’s coffers are still full with plunging CPO prices and losses made at their China’s business venture. Guess, Najib cannot tap EPF for money (remember, Gomen’s proposed RM5.0 B ‘bailout’ to (under)ValueCap) and Sime Darby is the next best thing. Or, if you read Sime Darby Watch, is it Sime Darby trying to make money after losing many? Like many other establishment, Gomen sold them for a mere RM1.00 preference share – Gila Murah! Kalah Mega Savings Malaysia Sale!

Please read Puan MarinaM’s disappointment on Gomen’s heartless idea to sell IJN here. Also read Mr. P.Gunasegaram’s “Don’t privatise the National Heart Institute”.

After reading that, maybe we can say the Gomen has an inclination making money out of people’s misery. If they can do that high-class Bukit Antarabangsa landslide victims, what about us middle- and lower class people? Ops? Did I offend you by saying that, because you guys might be high-class in your own way?

Now, I summon you people to read this article from The Malaysian Insider – “So what exactly does the Government do?”

See how pathetic the Gomen could be and I love its parting words – “Where is our pride, our maruah? Being washed away by the rain like so many homes in Bukit Antarabangsa”.

So, people, heed to Najib’s plea OK – don’t sweet talk them because they cant say NO! Stupid idiot moron.

Ops, before I forgot…can I answer that QUESTION? The Gomen just sleep, sweet talk, s_x, spend and billed it to us the taxpayers! Damnnnnn…I have to wait for another 3.5 years before GE13! By then, i wonder what else Gomen might have sold under the name of privatisation, which we all know by now that since this concept has been inroduced to our Ibu Pertiwi during Che Det's era (that caused much 'errors' to us), can you name me one privatised company that benefits us all? or you want to name those that have gone down the 'drain'?

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