Thursday, December 18, 2008

Edhi Foundation

I came across Mr Abdul Sattar Edhi in NatGeo Sep '07 "Struggle for the Soul of Pakistan".

He is described as "a 79 year old man who routinely washed dried blood off bodies and fishes his clothes from a donation barrel, who egan serving his fellow citizens a few years after the founding of Pakistan 60 years ago". His one-man charity is now an acclaimed international foundation, that is solely supported by individual donations as it refuses to take any aid from the Government, religious groups or relief agencies to maintain its independence. Edhi is to Karachi what Mother Teresa was to the poor of Kolkata.

Visit him here, of course to know how we can help plus how we can be inspired to help others here.

Let me share with you my favourite quotes of his: -

"The sound of children laughing is my favourite sound on Earth"

"I am a muslim but my true religion is human rights"

Who says only intellects could shape this world? Mr Abdul Sattar Edhi is of little formal education but he sure has an enormous compassion and logic.

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