Monday, December 15, 2008

Robbed during Broad Daylight

- The StarBiz, 15/12/08 by “Between the Lines” C.S. Tan

TNB has to pay close to RM1.0 B to Jimah IPP due to large energy surplus. Wow, TNB is only talking about Jimah IPP, I wonder how much this GLC is going to compensate other IPPs. Could I say that we are paying more for our electricity just because TNB didn’t do their job properly and still have the balls to increase their CEO’s pay by 100%? Damnnnnn.. Only in Malaysia, we reward mediocrity.

Traders and hawkers getting away with high food prices

– The Star central, 15/12/08 by “Valley View” with Tommy Lee

Believe me, there are a lot of people out there who worry every single day on how to put food on the table for their family. If you see me frowning in front of my PC or so much in deep thought that I didn’t notice you passing by, do forgive me. I have this tendency to succumb to such sadness when I see one – especially strangers for I do not know what to do lessen their worries.

Petrol prices have gone down (when they should go even further but Shahrir Samad is bad with Maths and Economics..duhhhhh), food prices remain all time high. I was thinking maybe we should set up hypermarkets that sell cheaper items to those who deserved. But then again, rich Malaysians are just so kiasu, they don’t bloody care to lose their ‘air muka’ queuing at these designated outlets as long they could save more.
How I wish this could be implemented in Malaysia. If these people of lower income remain to feed their infants with low-nutrients milks (or even pity, just condensed milks), can you imagine how much we have deprived these babies to become better intellectually than their parents?

Shahrir Samad, get your people moving la to check on the prices or you all have been 'kowtim' by the sellers?

To sum up my worries on these 2 issues, read Anil Netto’s “A chicken thief and Jimah Power Plant” here.

p.s. Please, I am not suffering from Monday Blues ok.. or shall I say I have that every day because I am always worried about others? Hmm...can you recall a Ladybird ads back in 80s? The jingles tell you what kind of kids you are depending on the day they were born. Those who born on wednesday, always worry it said. That's me.

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