Monday, December 15, 2008

Seated and Get 'Belted'?

Our car doesn’t have rear seat belts and it is not Proton, so who will pay if I want to retrofit ones in my South Korean car eh?

JPJ, at first, said that they will fine RM300 for those rear seaters who don’t wear seat belt. Then, they say they will fine if the car carries more than 5 people. These idiots surely ‘live’ somewhere else that they don’t get to see the reality on Malaysian roads. They say rear seat belts could save 200 lives. Eh, how many lives were lost last Ops Sikap 18? 89 lives in one Ops Sikap X 4 festive seasons in Malaysia = 356. Let's see if this number will reduce next year.

I chuckled because I think the Gomen desperately needs to make money as ‘Taukeh Minyak’ will be giving them less in 2008 when they are still spending like nobody’s business.

I have a suggestions for us Malaysians that will cost us more time but less fines?:

1. Buy old KTMB coach and convert it into a car?
2. Hook up a boat or trailer at the back of your car?
3. Come up with your own kereta berhias?

Read Chi Chang blogging on this untimely, so B(e)N(d) style of policy making and putrid law enforcement, here 5x higher chance of being robbed, 7x raped, 8x murdered .. and we're focusing on rear seat belts??!!.

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