Friday, February 5, 2010

For Good-Hearted Anak Bangsa Malaysia

This whole Ibu Pertiwi has turned into a 'circus' lately but then circus is fun and what we have been 'dished' for the past few weeks were utter injustice, mockery to our sacred constitution, intelligence and dignity.

So, when Mr. Nathaniel Tan asked in his article "The Only Game in Town" - "Why do people with good hearts even bother anymore with politics in Malaysia?" - I need to go deep into my heart and find the answer, assuming that I am a person with a good heart that bothers about the political state of her Ibu Pertiwi.

So, I imagined being in love with someone "that unlocked the mystery of my soul" - the one that keeps me coming back and continue waiting for him even when there is no single promising sign from him. Standing by him (near or far) is the right thing to do even if it means to sacrifice my youth, present and future and to dissociate myself from his presence would only deny me an opportunity fulfilling my destiny in life - the reason of being present in this world after all. No matter what, I would not desert him though most of time I almost 'drowned' myself. I love him. Simply.

"Adversity is like a strong wind. It tears away from us all but the things that cannot be torn, so that we see ourselves as we really are"

~Arthur Golden, Memoirs of a Geisha

So, what we are going through now is heartbreaking (do you feel the same way too?). If injustice could inflict the powerful, what more to us common people? If pains surround the less fortunate days on end, how long do we have to go on living pretending everything's fine and dandy? And all these injustice boil down to the state of our politics. I am sorry but yes, politics permeates every single aspect of our life and it is imperative to have the right one.

"Injustice never rules forever" ~ Seneca

So, it's painfuls but I won't let them take me down and I've promised myself I would start writing down what we should do - the right way - when justice is in place, when this Ibu Pertiwi is back to where it belongs - with its people.

This reminds me of Michael Buble's "Haven't Met You Yet" that goes like this: -

And I Know Someday That It'll All Turn Out

You'll Make Me Work So We Can Work To Work It Out

And I Promise You That I'll Give So Much More Than I Get

I Just Haven't Met You Yet

I Might Have To Wait , I'll Never Give Up

I Guess It's Half Timing, And The Other Half's Luck

Wherever You Are Whenever It's Right

You Come Out Of Nowhere And Into My Life

Yes, we haven't found it yet but we should never give it up because one fine day it would come anyway.

May I share a fitting song for all those good-hearted Anak Bangsa Malaysia, please. A song by Matisyahu (Blimey! He really sounds like Bob Marley) called "One Day". I love it because I realise I am doing this not for myself but for my Little Angels, yours and many more out there.

May they not grow up thinking this injustice befallen upon us is all because of them.

May they grow responsibly.

May they grow up proud being Anak Bangsa Malaysia.

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