Friday, December 11, 2009

My Unsettling Mind About Settling Down

I was wondering where my fiesty, zesty spirit has gone lately. Have they gone south since it's winter in the Northern Hemisphere, searching for warmer temperament in Down Under?

I was contemplating to write something warm and sweet like the smell of my favourite spice (Vanilla) yesterday on International Human Rights Day but decided to delete the setengah-masak post after reading this news.

Tak la, I'm not angry with TGNA and I actually praise him for trying to make things easy for those couples in love, who are not been able to tie the knot due to dowry issues, especially during this credit crunch period. I bet you have also read here what an ex-fiancee can do to get back financially for what he had given to his ex-girlfriend. Gee. Perhaps, that's him exercising his rights.

Well, people, like me, don't settle down for many reasons. There have been many instances where I was labelled choosy because one was only a local graduate, too plain, too average, too...too many unjustified claims obviously, which I disagree strongly.

If one were to ask me what would be my one and only criterion for My Man, it would be his ability to reason and act conscientiously, logically, rationally and intelligently.

If one were to puzzle furthemore why can't I find one here, hm, maybe the eligible ones in my 'same-age league' are tad too self-centred, lack ability to stand up and face up, too caught up in the storms climbing up the corporate ladder, too lost in the reality maze, too demanding, laid back...or let me put it the other way around - that I am just too difficult to please. Yes, it's me - simply.

Dowry is one thing, but there are many more things to worry about when it comes to spending the rest of your life with a total stranger. It would be a bliss if one look from someone could unlock the mystery of your soul. OK, that's too fairy tale but how I wish because telling stories about me and everything and everyone in it is just too hard. Well, look at how i write - such a long winded road post!

Sorry, if I've ruined your TGIF mood.

For what kind of relationship I like to be in for the rest of my life, you must read Ariel & Will Durant.


walla said...

Oscar the Grouch said...

" ... someone who could unlock the mystery of your soul ... "

I find that very intellectually kinky.

Fi-sha said...

Dear Sir Walla

Thanks for the enlightening words. I love this part when you say, " Because that special 'someone' will at the same moment also experience that same miracle". How true.

Dear Mr Oscar The Grouch

Intellectually kinky? I like that because for me, intelligence is so sexy.

To others

Nope, I'm not looking around for a person but for a mind and soul that click. What's unsettling to me is that the probability of finding one reliable man is so remote. Have men degraded themselves over these years, I wonder?

Unfortunately, true to reality bites,once you found him, he's taken. How ironic.

Me - Not a feminist, Just a Human, Perhaps a Humorist?

walla said...

Taken, but not owned.

As Bond once said to a woman,

'don't lean on my gun arm.'

(just trying to be macho while trying to remember whether breakfast has already been taken or not...;P)

Fi-sha said...

Dear Sir Walla

Shaken But Not Stirred. Taken But Not Being Thralled

Heheheh interesting...

(hehehhehe as long as you donw leave the stove on while writing that down)