Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dreams Do Come True

After 2-year delay to get this magnificent creation off Boeing Field in Seattle, yesterday, Dreamliner completed its maiden flight at Boeing Field in Seattle.

I’m not sure if I would be able to get on it in the future but I’m over the moon to see that it finally came true because it proves that dreams do come true if you put your heart and soul into them.

Secondly, it spread its wings at the right time when the world has just woken up from ‘traumatic economic coma’. Can you imagine how it feels like knowing there is someone out there who wanted you so badly? I’m pretty sure that’s how the Dreamliner Team feels knowing All Nippon Airways is so eager to get its hands on these ‘dreams’.

Thirdly, one of the co-winner of Economic Noble Prize, Mr. Oliver Williamson, “focused on how companies and markets differ in resolving conflicts. He found that many economic decisions that standard theory said would be more efficiently left to the marketplace were actually better left within a firm”.

“Economist Steve Tadelis at the University of California, Berkeley's Haas School of Business, who has worked with Mr. Williamson, cited the 787 Dreamliner being developed by Boeing Co. as an example of how firms can be more efficient than the marketplace. Boeing, which previously designed and built planes in-house, outsourced much of the Dreamliner's manufacturing. But because it had less control over its supply line, Boeing couldn't adapt as quickly and flexibly to the changes and problems that invariably arose within a project as complex as the Dreamliner. Boeing has since taken much of the Dreamliner's production back in-house”.

Plus, when Boeing decided to bring back most of its production under one roof, delays continued to plague this dreamy project but then, they were good because safety and security problems were tackled holistically, instead of merely trying to catch up with the ever-changing deadline. Rest assured, this baby will be one of the safest carriers up there.

Alex Hamilton, director of research at Jesup & Lamont, says what the Dreamliner offers chiefly is much better fuel efficiency in a package that lowers maintenance costs and opens up new long-distance routes that were simply uneconomic. "Long-term it's a game changer," Hamilton says. "And if you change the game, and you are the market leader, you are in a tremendous position".

There you are, some important lessons from the Dreamliner. If you think this post is all about a gigantic composite model, I guess you're too caught up with life you forget to see what these tell us about life.

My favourite First lady, Eleanor Roosevelt says, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”.

Dreams come to those who dare to dream. Move over faint-hearted men, stop blocking my way!

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