Thursday, December 17, 2009

1 Fine Gentleman

I saw him talking with full conviction over BBC one fine night in a forum held in the Mighty Enterprising India on the topic of women's rights.

There were other men and a few ladies debating the same issue at hand yet he came out victorious when he said that if we respect other women like you respect and care for your mother, sister, wife and daughter, every woman in the world is well protected, safer and better.

Yes, I have high esteem for Mr. Carlos Ghosn, not only for his professional achievements (well, the one and only non-Japanese heading Japanese MNC, leading 2 top automakers), but also his way of thinking, putting sensibility and accountability together into actions is just a Class Act. Would it be too much for me to claim that he can stand on the same rostrum with the legendary Lee Iacocca and Louis Gerstner.

"These days Ghosn gets the sort of adulation in Japan normally reserved for rock stars and football players. He is often mobbed by fans in search of an autograph and has even been portrayed as a manga comic book superhero in "The True Story of Carlos Ghosn" [1].

He is indeed one fine gentleman.


walla said...

Fi-sha said...

Dear Sir Walla

Merci be coupe! I am smiling from ear to ear now... :)

May you have a lovely weekend Sir...

walla said...

i just kept going on and on....but that's because you posted.

Fi-sha said...

Now I know that I'm capable of making people do things..willingly.

Sir Walla, you're an angel indeed!