Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Shall Be Victorious!

I like opera because it's dramatic - just like me. Apart from "Cats" and "Phantom of Opera", "Turandot", for me, is a magically divine love story because it encompasses on how do you teach someone to love?
I admire Calaff for he is such a remarkable strategist because too many suitors were beheaded at cold-hearted but smart Turandot's orders and he is really a true hero because like Albert Ellis says, "The art of love is largely the art of persistence".

On this bittersweet wintery Wednesday, let me indulge you with "Nessun Dorma" performed by Legendary Luciano Pavarotti.

("No One Sleeps")

No one sleeps! No one sleeps!

Even you, oh princess, in your cold room,

Look at the stars that tremble with love and hope!

But my mystery, it is locked in me

And my name, no one will know! No, no!

On your mouth, I will say it, when the light will shine!

And my kiss will break the silence, that makes you mine!

His name no one will know

And we shall have, alas, to die, to die!

Disperse, o night!

Vanish, oh stars! Vanish, oh stars!

At daybreak, I shall be victorious!

I shall be victorious! I shall be victorious!

p.s. My posts have been ladened and dripping with love lately but I truly believe in what Eric Fromm says that, "Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence". Let's heal the world!


walla said...


Oscar the Grouch said...

Elaine Paige is absolutely amazing in Evita and Cats.

And I do so love Rossini’s overture in The Barber of Seville.

Fi-sha said...

Dear Your Excellency Sir Walla

Your links make my heart sing... Merci be coupe monsiuer!

Dear Mr Oscar The Grouch

Indeed, shes magical. As for Rossini's overture, I could listen to that all day long...

p.s. I wish I was born a opera singer just like Dame Kiri Te Kanawa