Thursday, December 24, 2009

Scores in Life

I shared with you about my Little Women of Penang here back in February. Amongst cousins, we are always the closer ones. Well, apart from me spending many days at their place in Serambi Mekah and The Pearl of the Orient, we love books and enjoy being kiddies when we get together (even now considering I'm so that 'young' - hehehhe sarcastically).

Today is a very special day. Lisa, the youngest of them, just got her PMR result and since intelligence runs in the family, of course she scored bull's eyes - 8As!

Seriously, I don't really care much about scores and grades but in her case and her sisters' too, i have high regards for these ladies because, not only being bestowed with great brain power, they are the ones with big, compassion heart and my Chu and Pak Busu are indeed divinely blessed.

After my baby sister went to visit them last October, she shared with me how helpful Lisa is, helping out my Chu, even without being asked. For us, she's the most helpful amongst the three of them. I know too many kids who are pampered to the max, that they have all the times in the world to study and study, with no reality check on how busy were their parents trying to give the best for them. They scored on papers but not in their heart.

"Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart" ~ Kahlil Gibran

Based on the above glowing notes, Lisa not only scored 8As for her PMR, she scored many more points in life that I know would guide her so well throughout her life.

Thank you Allah for this sweet victory. With your mercy and grace that this once tiny pre-mature baby has turned into a beautiful soul. I know she would make a lot of great difference to this Ibu Pertiwi in near future.

A smart Little Woman with a Big, Sensible heart - that's priceless!

p.s. Can I go and cry now? :) _ _

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