Friday, February 5, 2010

Kanga-Zoo Cou(w)rt and MSM

I will always cherish my first gastric attack.

It decided to 'accompany' me for the next 5 days exactly on the day I stood in front of the 'Kanga-Zoo Cou(w)rt', along with many more to enter the morning session for DSAI back in '98. How poignant.

Alas, I couldn't get in - there were just too many of us wanted to fill in the limited bench in that old, rickety room with unpleasant smell of 'dead wood'. Not giving in to hunger, frustration and double standard treatment there, me and a few others 'lounged' around because we were told we need to be there if we want to be in for the afternoon session.

What we lost during the morning session, we got back in sights of DSAI's counsels (God, those grey hairs were so intellectually sexy) and dialogues with them. That morning, I saw and even asked a few questions to the counsels.

One MSM photographer told me I asked better questions than his MSM reporters, which I agreed because i saw how lousy they were, asking questions for the sake of asking. A decade later, even seasoned journos appear shallow in their writing, mostly plagiarising what's being reported elsewhere with no strong analysis and sound conclusion. Like many more out there who bow to their 'masters', they are just 'machais' - sesia hantar sekolah tinggi, otak letak dekat tapak kaki!

Thanks to these 'machais' - our cou(w)rts and MSM look like a Zoo in Malaysia because they have too many animals but not in pleasant sight, distasteful and in such a sorry state. And that is why i detest the idea of this state and that state having their own zoo since Zoo Negara has been strongly criticised for their bad management.

Do you remember how Gandhi-ji relates animal welfare to the moral state of a nation? He says, "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated".

In our Ibu Pertiwi, moral progress is moving backward with civility giving way to 'barbaric mentality' as we do not only abuse our animals and human beings, even some are acting worse than animals. And that's so very sad for a nation this rich could drop this low.

One of my fave bands, Cranberries, has a song titled "Animal Instinct". It would be a perfect song for this post.