Thursday, February 4, 2010

Anger Management for Babies (Updated)

My Mak and Ayah say I'm cruel but me and my sis-in-law think it works. We think it's best to let my Third Angel cries his lungs and heart out, unattended after ensuring that he's full, dry and not in pain, as part of his anger management program.

Yes, my Third Angel, Ahmad Fitri Rusyaidi, who turned 4 months last saturday, squeals whenever he's upset and he's upset whenever he doesn't get full attention from us. We think he needs some serious anger management program before his next nanny (currently my Mak and Ayah) sends him back home :)

By nature, babies cry for various reasons. While some think it's a sign of distress, we should look at it under positive light - they talk when they cry. So, why not let them talk but never ever let them use it to seek attention with no apparent reasons as not to spoil them because we could end up raising up a Little Napoleon instead. Plus, crying increases oxygen intakes into lungs and hence into the brain cells, promoting better brain activities. Yes, we could raise up little Einstein!

Two days ago, i was out somewhere and i heard a baby squealed - exactly just like my Third Angel's. Perhaps, it's the hormones but my soul was soothed by it, tiny memories I had with him flashed through my brain - I miss him dearly.

Since I go back quite late from work, sometimes I don't get to see him for 2 days in a stretch despite i try my best to make a point 'talking to him'. Well, babies could see things and I don't want him to get nightmares if i brought back 'something' home (yea, you know what i mean).

Today, I miss him even more. He's been hospitalised for the past 2 days. He will stay in the hospital for a whole week to complete his antibiotic cocktail for urine infection. While the doctors are yet to confirm whether there's an abnormality in his urinary tract, we all want him to be back home soon.

Suddenly, our home feels empty. That's why children are called angels. They bring 'light' and enlighten one soul.

Get well soon Angel. You are dearly sorely missed.

p.s. Last weekend, I babysat my First and Second Angels as their parents went for 2-day introductory course at
The Nury Institute, as part of their efforts to guide my Second Angel - an autistic boy. On sunday, the Third Angel came over with his parents. My sis shared with us so many things about child development (for this, you really need to visit the institute website because it is extremely useful to building the right Building Block for our Ibu Pertiwi) but i love one really great idea - let your children jump because, like crying, oxygen intake increases and that sparks magic in their brain cells. So, next time your child jump on your bed, let them or you should, like me, invest in a good trampolin.

p.s.s. This post is kind of metaphorical.

While talking about trying to help my Third Angel managing his anger, I too has learned myself.

There are many 'crying babies' out there and just like my Third Angel, I shall leave them alone till they stop crying. I shall not easily pity them and express my understanding for their 'crying' because 'crying wolves are simply false alarms' - so, never, ever, ever, ever fall into their 'crying' but I shall commend them when they stop crying.

So, i said jumping is good for brain. Wait, I don't condone you being a froggie because froggies are 'haiwan dua alam', thus, 'talam dua muka' - that's bad, really, really bad. What I want you to do is jump outside your 'box', seize the moment to change, and float free in the air - free from the shackle of racism, corruption and backwardism.


zorro said...

Your post allowed some sunlight in an otherwise "dreary" day in court.

Fi-sha said...

Dear Uncle Zorro

I found this beautiful quote: -

“May you have enough happiness to make you sweet, enough trials to make you strong, enough sorrow to keep you human enough hope to make you happy”

It is my great pleasure to share the warm glow during this trying time Uncle Zorro.

May we all be human enough.