Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Beatles' Weekend

"The Long and Winding Road"

"P.S. I Love You"

From my most favourite Beatles, Mr. George Harrison

- "I Got My Mind Set On You"


walla said...

dochisyam said...

Salam Fi-sha
Your a GH fan too?
I play the drums, so it must be Ringo for me.

If you have the anthology album, they have a recording of the boys being interviewed and introducing themselves
It sounded something like this..

Ringo:hi Im Ringo and I play the drums..

George: I'm george.(in a childish voice)...and I play the guitar

Paul:Im Paul and I play the

John: I'm john, I too play the guitar....

sometimes I play the fool..

Have a good weekend!

eleanor rigby

joshua wong said...

Whoa, a Beatles weekend? George Harrison is the 'quiet' beatles. He's the introvert compared to Lennon, the two who has not made it to sixty-four.

Some of his other great song includes "If I Needed Someone", "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and my fave "Something".

You have a good week ahead...

Fi-sha said...

:) Dear Gentlemen, these are amongst the few selected The Beatles' songs that are quite appropriate for this moment of time. I must say I had great trouble picking them for there are just too many faves to share with.

Dear Sir Walla The Great Conversationalist,
What lovely songs they are.Merci be coupe!

Dear Mr H,
With your opening remark, I wonder whether it's bad or good for me to claim that yes, I am GH's fan, too :). So, will you just play the drums for me please?

My Dear Friend, Joshua,
Yes, yes, yes, it's the beatles! :) Why GH? Whenever i look into his eyes, I found myself landed in his heart - he's deep.

Gentlemen, it's been a great pleasure having you over for The Beatles. I wish you well, always.