Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Respect Our Laws or Lows? - Updated

So, BN-friendlies (UMNO - irrelevant, Perkasa and Makkal Sakti - lagi irrelevant) came out strong (250 je? duh!) this morning to protest the formal protest by 50 Australian MPs, whom on last Thursday called for the case against DSAI to be abandoned in the interests of building "confidence in the impartial rule of law in Malaysia''.

Looking at the banner that say "Australia lawmakers, respect our laws", I seriously think these 250-strong men should hire a better banner maker because it should be read "Australia lawmakers, respect our low [standard]".

Another banner had an innocent Kangaroo on it with "Enough Kangaroo Business". Laa...bila pula our mates Down Under jual Kangaroo! Well, they don't sell kangaroo nor human (we are blacklisted together with six African countries--Chad, Eritrea, Niger, Mauritania, Swaziland and Zimbabwe, by USA on human trafficking). Boo Hoo! How about saying "Enough with Kangaroo Cou(w)rt", Stupid!

One senator urges foreigners to understand our cultures. Vulture culture maybe!
One Bung-who that went missing (bersuka ria dengan isteri muda dia) when his constituent was badly hit by flood in December suddenly appeared giving comments. Aiyah, so gila glamer la you Bung-who!

One 'makhluk dua alam' claims one of the Aussie MPs (Mr. Micheal Danby) that signed the protest is a homosexual, but what about the remaining 49 MPs? Alamak, kalau macam tu saya pun boleh anggap satu gomen korup bila sorang setiausaha politik boleh simpan harta juta-juta. Eeh! Tahu pula marah!

It's the first day working after a long break, I must thank these people again for great one-liner jokes like the two mentioned earlier plus these two - "Don't Mess with Our Affairs" (really meh? more like funfair to me la) and "Jaga Negeri Sendiri" (oh, I'm sure they bloody do take great care of their people and submarines, ops!).

It is just sickening to see these people continue to be ignorant and illogical of this SODOMY II case. As usual, UMNO men (for putera, puteri, cik puan wanita - i really don't know what they are fighting for apart from position, money, 'honey', etc.) strongly believe that DSAI is truly a sodomite but who cares of what they think because tell me who brought this Ibu Pertiwi down for the past 52 years?! This fight for justice isn't about DSAI. If we could allow this happens to DSAI, what more to us, common people - kena bantai dalam lokap pun tak apa ke*?

*p.s. Uncle Zorro reports this heartbreaking story on what happens when one gets into prison and most importantly, of what some 'gangsters' would do to get one to confess guilt when the evidence shows otherwise. I must share a story on this later.

I always admire some lawyers, like Mssr. Art The Articulated Mind, and during this time of bleak judicial atmosphere, my heart breaks for him. How could one fight for justice when the law doesn't allow one to fight fairly? It's disheartening. He puts his thought on one of the telltale signs that something is definitely wrong about DSAI SODOMY II case here.

Our mates Down Under could be descendants from The Queen's convicts but they are not acting like one.

Our mates Down Under could take good care of their country but we definitely can't for we rely too heavily on them for our meals. Well, go check how much food we buy from them.

Our mates Down Under could bloody well allow homosexuals to legally marry but at least, they are being true instead of telling lies over and over again like most politicians.

Thanks Mate, wherever you are.

p.s. You may want to read Aliran statement on this matter, well, in case you can't take my words because I am, mostly, being labelled DSAI's sympathiser, which I am not. I just sympathise anyone who has to go through unfair judiciary process.


zewt said...

you know, during the 1963 confrontation with indonesia, australia sent their troops over to protect our borders and our position... and this is what we give them in return.

we are indeed making enemies everywhere... but fret not, those african countries like zimbabwe and uganda are our new allies!

Fi-sha said...

So true Zewt!

I bit my lips not to dig the pages of history about their contribution back then.