Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ceritalah Lagi Encik Praba Ganesan

I immensely enjoy myself reading his writings on The Malaysian Insider - he's truly a story teller that makes sense to me.

And it is rather weird to see that I share similar ideas on many issues with him. That's really weird because most of the time, I have my distorted perspective that's not 'palatable' to many. I am like a man trapped in a woman body (which explains why my blogger friends are primarily men and since school days, I enjoy solid friendship with the boys than girls) - some people have trouble understanding my thinking - or perhaps, I am just what Steve Harvey wrote, "Act like a lady, think like a man". I'm just a confused, obtused, enthused gal.

Anyway, back to my subject of high esteem - Encik Praba Ganesan. Keep on writing sir!

Enjoy his "A Constituency of one" here. I extracted my favourite point in this 'cerita' below.

"So as I sit in my dock questioning my own ability to fit in, I choose not to castigate myself. Again, I am not one bent on getting his own way — I’m just a guy saying if others want to get their way it can’t be at the expense of principles-rules-laws.

That my parks in my town may not be world class, but at least the grass is cut, the drains swept and swings operable.

That the focus is not on approving further buildings, but to ensure the ones presently up are supported until they are filled and have their own economy. It is an abomination to see empty or abandoned projects while new ones are starting construction.

That the council’s buildings are not lavish constructs but buildings which persist with their core purpose — like a library which has books, a librarian who can advise people on them and spread reading in the community".

This is a beautiful mind. Truly.

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