Friday, June 19, 2009

Building the Nation's Building Blocks - Our Children

Last sunday morning, my mother watched "Selamat Pagi Malaysia" over RTM1 where they invited Dato' Dr Noor Laily Dato' Abu Bakar to talk about services The Nury Institute could offer and share on education and treatment for special children (Read : Physically and/or Mentally Challenged such as Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Hyperactive, Autism, Dyslexia amongst others).

Since I was busy 'feeding' Caillee, Gwen, Sally and Baylee, my mom told me that the institute brought along a family where all of four of their children are autistic, who shared their real life stories. With the guidance and support the parents sought from The Nury Institute, their first child is a now a handsome young man, who can talk like a normal person and is now enrolled in one university. That is amazing, miraculously amazing, I never heard of such extraordinary recovery of an autistic child in Malaysia, who not only become independent, yet doing well intellectually, considering that these children are often labelled as slow learner, deaf (hence, rendered them mute).

Alhamdulillah, today I found the institute's website and i found that it does not only deal with treatment of special children like my Little Angel, it also offers courses revolving around parenthood and family education. So far, the institute has trained more than 200,000 parents from both Malaysia and Singapore. Apart from parents, those who can also benefits from their services include 'bakal pengantin' (bagusnya), parents-to-be and child care service providers. Their list of clientele, that adopt their teaching concept, ranges from corporate and government agencies (the likes of DBKL, KEDA, YPJ, FELDA, Petronas, LUTH, PNB).

That makes me think - wouldn't it be wonderful if a child centre could be opened, if not within the same building as the mommies/daddies (yang mithali), in each business centre (it would be best if it is within walking distance from the parents' office), where: -

1. The children could come to work along with their mommies and/or daddies (More people will drive in ONE car (less traffic), no more 'bibiks' (no abuse) and more quality family time (it's always good to talk)).

2. The babies could be breastfed by their mommies (Results: Smarter, healthier, compassionate and conscientious children)

3. The parents could come over lunchtime to spend some time with their children (The family that eats together, sticks together).

4. If one of the parents have to stay late due to work, at least the other parent could look after their children in the meantime (well, i espouse this idea of long working hours but sometimes, it is unavoidable since most of you all out there are professionals with high responsibility).

5. If the child is sick, immediate necessary actions could be taken by the parents working nearby the child care centre.

6. If these centres are properly managed, according to trusted educational concept/approach and recognised healthcare and service standards, rest assured the parents could be more productive (at work) as they wouldn't have to unnecessarily worry about their beloved children.

7. The employers could positively contribute towards these centres, which could be translated into lower fees, better infrastructure (physically, mentally, morally, spiritually), enforcement of better family-friendly policies at workplace, amongst others.

Anyway, that's some wishlists from a non-parental human being - yours truly. All i want for my Little Angel is for him to get the best treatment available, instead of being wrongly labelled for the rest of his life, and I couldn't bear to see our 'building blocks' are not given the best they could have for them to make this Ibu Pertiwi a great nation, regardless of their race, religion and socio-economic background. Maybe we could start with our family first.

"Rise and fall of a nation rests with every one of its citizens" - Chinese Proverb

"To put the world in order, we must first put the nation in order, to put the nation in order, we must put the family in order, to put the family in order, we must cultivate our personal life, and to cultivate our personal life, we must first set our hearts right" - Confucius

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