Monday, June 22, 2009

Are We Really That Bad?

While nursing my bouts of flu last weekend, i watched "My Fair Lady", twice - first for the love of timeless beauty Audrey Hepburn and the second one for Professor Higgins. Surprised, surprised, even being highly sedated with meds, I simply couldn't forget the many adjectives uttered by Professor Higgins about women, as you can see below: -

Professor Henry Higgins: Women are irrational, that's all there is to that! Their heads are full of cotton, hay, and rags. They're nothing but exasperating, irritating, vacillating, calculating, agitating, maddening and infuriating hags!

Colonel Hugh Pickering: Are you a man of good character where women are concerned?

Professor Henry Higgins: Have you ever met a man of good character where women are concerned?

Colonel Hugh Pickering: Yes, very frequently.

Professor Henry Higgins: Well, I haven't. I find that the moment a woman makes friends with me she becomes jealous, exacting, suspicious, and a damn nuisance. And I find that the moment I make friends with a woman I become selfish and tyrannical. So here I am, a confirmed old bachelor and likely to remain so.

Wow, are we really that bad going by Professor Higgin's testimony, we XX-chromosome homo sapiens should be labelled as these - Caution : HAZARDOUS. Handle with Care or Suffer the Wrath. Hehehheh...

Boy, I do love rubbing salts to you guys out there... Women have many needs, men have only one need that is women. So, Professor Higgins, call us what you want for this world depends on us ;)


Malaysian Heart said...


Fi-sha said...

Dear Malaysian Heart,
Amin 44x to.... :)

Oscar the Grouch said...

Any woman can be irrational, exasperating, irritating, vacillating, calculating, maddening, infuriating, jealous, exacting and suspicious and a damn nuisance for all she wants, if she is Audrey Hepburn.

The way she dashes out to the heavy rain in order to save the little cat in the final scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s; the way she lovingly cradles the cat, yet herself bitterly shivering, all wet from the downpour, can break any man’s heart.

Yes, superficial and shallow, I admit. But it’s Audrey Hepburn.

Fi-sha said...

Dear Mr Oscar The Grouch

Ouch, ouch, ouch..thats really hurt sir.

Ok Women, get a cat, try to save it, getting yourself wet in the rain while doing so, put on you LBD and presto, we are Audrey Hepburn that melts the hearts of simplistic men out there ;)

joshua wong said...

My only thought about Audrey Hepburn. She is way too beautiful. If i met someone that beautiful, i would be lost for words :)

As for the needs of men, i would like to believe that some of us, besides woman, have other needs too.


Fi-sha said...

Hi Joshua

Yes, she is indeed too beautiful - both externally and internally.

Adn yes (again), i concur that some men (definitely not the simplistic kind of guy) would need more than women in life. Thank God for that :)


Anonymous said...


U wrote in ur comment :
i concur that some men (definitely not the simplistic kind of guy) would need more than women in life.

Nice to know that there are women out here who can accept some men need more than women (plural : meaning more than 1 woman) in life...
Great to hear that from a woman's mouth (or rather a woman's writing)....

Fi-sha said...

Dear Mr Anon,

That's a great joke but please Sir, you opinion could cause much displeasure to the Queen of England, which i hate to notice.

"More than women" and "more than one woman" - I aint no english teacher sir but i do know a bloody good one. Do you want her contact number? And yes, you would easily be accepted by her for your age (shall i line with the current trend?)

Some men and their twisted minds..thats something i can live without :)