Friday, June 5, 2009

No Violence Against Women, Please?

I was fuming coming to work this morning - not my Selangor Omnibus, the driver got a new bus, i can't help but peeping every now and then to see him smiling on my way to work since monday.

This morning, while i was tripping happily to my office, I heard a Fix-It over FlyFM's Pagi Show, where they helped to fix 'Josephine's' problem with her colleague at work. Working in ads company, her XY-chromosome colleague told her to 'stay away' from their sport company deal. I bet she had enough being pushed away, she got Phatt Fabes and Ben to call the colleague. This MCP (ops, i know it's too harsh for a sweet lady like me ... hehehhe.. don't puke on me ok?:) told the deejays that he didn't want her to work in this project but she is a girly type of gal, therefore, she doesn't know much about sports. After saying that and much more degrading remarks on national radio, the deejays put Josephine on and the former asked her what she wants that MCP to do. She wanted him to apologise and the MCP said this "Apologise for you being dumb?". Boys was i mad, really i could punch his face blue black.

I've seen this kind of mental abuse happening before and I cannot believe my ears that there are (STILL) many more MCPs out there. The MCPs will look for women when there is a messy problem and ditch them when they find a certain project so interesting to them. There are also instances when married women are being 'sidelined' in promotion at works - reasons for getting pregnant. Is this how you guys treat the women, who share the same type of choromosomes like your beloved mother? much about material civilisation, some men are still stucked in the ancient stone-age era.

Since i've started nagging about how some people treated women badly, simply for being women, i must give my 2-cents on the indo-french teen model, who fled The Little Red Dot, back into the arms of her loving family, with the assistance of many unsung heroes. While she has appeared every cheerful talking to the press about her ordeals, sadly inconsistently perhaps due to her euphoria coming back home safely, I would appreciate you reserve your comments like "Aah, just another gold digger/spoilt brad who cannot have her freedom in Kelantan/another cheap attention seeker", let us not forget and raise BIG doubts on why her mother was not allowed to enter Malaysia (Dulu one Mongolian lady and her cousins, now Mano's mommy too? Our Immigation Dept is definitely so 'powerfool' huh?), why she needed to run away while in civilised The Little Red Dot (Integrity, Service, Excellence for SPF, Tegas, Adil, Berhemah for our police, which one would you trust your life with? Go figure), just to name a few.

When Women's Centre of Change, based in PG, wrote to the MSM that "Violence is not a personal issue", some MCPs commented that in Islam, a wife - her body, mind and soul - belongs to her husband that she must obey him at all time. Oh yes, i 100% behind that bliss but does the husband carry out his responsibilities in accordance to the Islamic tenets?

"Woman was taken out of man; not out of his head to top him, nor out of his feet to be trampled underfoot; but out of his side to be equal to him, under his arm to be protected, and near his heart to be loved”

Then, one of the new kitchen cabinet said that he cannot initiate any actions until a report is lodged. Ok, just like how our police f(a)rce told the abused women when they came over to the station to make a report on their evil MCP husbands. "Maaf puan, ini masalah rumahtangga, kami tak boleh campur" or "Saya cadangkan puan supaya pandai mengambil hati suami puan supaya dia tak pukul puan lagi". Shooot... I tell you (quite a few times already, if you read my blog ;) this nation needs to be run by women for someone to take reactive (shisshhhh not even pro-active) steps to address this issue, which seems to penetrate the personal life of both commoner and royal, alikes.

I shall leave you, hopefully not fuming hot for my harsh, harsh words and thoughts on MCPs that ran amok (because my readers are angels ;), with these quotes from MPs in My Mr. Barack Obama's land. Maybe we could enlighten ourselves that violence against women has lasting impacts on our family institution, our nation and this world, which could be much better a place for our souls.


"It is difficult to get Latina and Asian women to speak out. We must make it clear it's not their problem, it's our problem. We need magazines like this one to keep talking about the issue. And know that we women in Congress are with you 100 percent." - Rep. Juanita Millender-McDonald, California

"In rural areas of America, there is a growing increase in poverty, homelessness and hunger. You cannot separate these factors from domestic violence ‑- a mother with three kids and no financial security is going to stiffen her lip and take the abuse, because not only does she have nowhere else to go, she has three children depending on her for survival." - Sen. Blanche Lincoln, Arkansas

"It's not enough for women to speak out on the issue ‑- for the message to be strong and consistent, women's voices must be backed up by men's." - Rep. John Conyers, Jr., Michigan

"When you're in a broken family and your role model is a violent male, boys grow up believing that's the way they're supposed to act. And girls think that's an accepted way men will treat them." - Rep. Jim Costa, California

"To help break the cycle of domestic violence, we must allow survivors to take time off from work without fear of losing their job, to go to court, to see a doctor or to find a safe place to live." - Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard, California

"Growing up in a small Alaska town, domestic violence was that dirty little secret nobody talked about. We must start talking about it. For too long, we have been providing protection to the wrong people." - Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Alaska

"I grew up with an extremely abusive father. As a mother, I wanted to protect my own children from exposure to violence. When I found out one of my daughters was in an abusive relationship, it broke my heart. Finally, she left him ‑- but only after his abuse started spreading to the children." - Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite, Florida

"A friend of mine was married to an assistant church pastor who regularly beat her up. He was smart ‑- he'd do it in a way that the bruises didn't show. For the longest time, she dealt with it. Who would believe the minister was a wife beater?! Meanwhile, my friend ‑- an attorney! ‑- suffered in silence." - Rep. Carolyn Maloney, New York

"The key thing is to ensure that we give the criminal-justice system the tools it needs, so that women's rights are turned into reality. It is not enough to say domestic violence is a crime ‑- in order for the laws to be successful, lawyers and courts must have the necessary means to prosecute it." - Sen. Jon Kyl, Arizona

"The biggest challenge is to convince a woman that it's not her fault. My daughter is 25; my stepdaughter is 22. As a mother, I want them to know that if a boyfriend is abusive, you cannot ignore it ‑- 'Oh, he's been drinking,' or 'He had a bad day.' There is no excuse for a man hitting a woman. Ever." - Sen. Debbie Stabenow, Michigan

p.s. Do you think we are going to hear these kind of statements from our Gomen? Dream on.. well, we can change what need to be changed. Don't you think? ;)


amsyah said...

hear hear...

i suppose we'll not hear any of your wishes coming true any time soon as our politicians are busy dishing money on their plates and left substance at the door...

Fi-sha said...

Hi Syah

Thanks for dropping by.

!Sigh! Yes, it would be too much for me to ask for that even from our women politicians and having one ministry to take care of us women doesn't bring any good at all.

Wishing you a great weekend Syah!