Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Did(n't) See My Real Mr. Arsene Wenger ;(

My Real Mr. Arsene Wenger, said that he will see us
(yours truly and all of you out there)
during World Cup in South Africa next year :)

My mom gave birth to my brother after 10 good months of pregnancy and i escorted her to the delivery room that fateful morning. Being ever curious, even as a toddler, i peeked through the window, standing on a bench. I heard the Doc asked my mom to push harder (well, as my brother was so huge - thanks to a month extra long in my mom's comfy womb during bulan puasa at my Atok's house (read: too many desserts to enjoy every single day)) and after that, there he was out, all green and slimy, too huge and too loud - yucks la that baby brother of mine the first time i saw him in the Doc's hands. My mom was really an angel as she didn't shout or tried to strangle the nurses standing next to her during the delivery process compared to a few other mommies in that big, big room - yes, they were wailing and my mom told me that the nurses responded to them by saying "buat tak sakit" (err...hope you get that sarcastic joke as i cannot confirm that).

Ok, actually, i was trying to stress the wailing part of the above snippet. Well, this morning, my colleagues thought i was one - wailing that is (not pregnant ok, maybe not with a baby but body fat?). That got them running (err..not that fast anyway as i could be in deep coma by the time they reach me :) soooooo exaggerating of me (i like!)).

Thanks to my ignorance and not reading The Star (it could cause allergy reaction to my naive, innocent mind) or log on to my FB ( lazy la) - I didn't get to see my Real Mr. Arsene Wenger (anyway, not the real one is on my blogroll ;) , yesterday morning at Dataran Merdeka (So near yet so far :_ _(. To rub salts to my open, gangrenous wounds, my Selangor Omnibus drives through the road between St. Mary Anglican Cathedral and the Royal Selangor Club - every day. OK la, i must comfort myself that i didnt' get to see the "Castrol Arsene Wenger Asia Tour" banner but i did see big trucks and people being busy around that spot - aiyaaa! Sakit hati betul la! (No, no, no..i never cursed myself except "bertuah la saya ni" :)

While shedding some tears (yes, im a cry baby, still at this dino-age), i googled and there he was - all lanky, smiley and friendly my real Mr. Arsene Wenger. Ohhhhhh..... (please let me ohhs and aahhhss at him). I stumbled upon Aizuddin's blog here. He's NST's photographer at the PC. Guess, i should settle for the next best thing - pictures of him and words from his mouth (gosh, his intelligence really excites me), my real Mr. Arsene Wenger :)))))))))))))

These are a couple of his quotes that melted my heart, as always, during his PC: -

“They wanted to get more involved with football and I wasn’t too bad of an ambassador for them,” said Wenger, who helped to develop the “Castrol Index” last year – a definitive system to rate the world’s best players. The Castrol Index uses the latest technology to objectively analyse and rank player performance.

"English Premier League Club, Arsenal's team manager Arsene Wenger said it is vital and crucial to produce quality coaches who will then create and produce quality players. "The raw material is everywhere in the world but it depends on how much had been invested to produce quality coaches".

“I relax when I’m not personally involved with the team. In Europe, we have a game on television almost every night. I can just enjoy the football without the stress of winning or losing,” he said.

So guys, next time if he's coming around, i beg you please, please, please let me know, pleaseee? ***wink*wink*wink*** For him, ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no river wide enough (to the tune of Marvin Gaye).

Well, it is surely good to 'talk' (nope, i don't get any commission from TM for this free ads). To my real Mr. Arsene Wenger, Good Luck, God Bless, wherever you are (i could give him a bear hug right?:)

p.s. You may call this post too 'mengada' but do I care? (please fill in the blanks or email if you think your reply would be too caustic for my 'innocent blog' ;). Moral of this story - read the fine prints FIRST before you read ;)


nightcaller said...


It is better for u to cry in the office than ur mom finding u crying for Arsene in your abode.

She may be thinking you will be leaving for Africa waiting for your Mr Arsene W :) and that maybe a good excuse for her to lock you up...

zewt said...

you can always see him on tv during arsenal's matches... :)

wow... can a baby actually stay in the womb for 10 months?

Fi-sha said...

Dear Mr Dnightcaller,
OMG..i must learn with my She-Cat Mulan on how to climb down from my room and escape :)

Dear Zewt,
I think babies can survive more than 9 months in the womb. The proof = my brother. In Malay community, they call it "bunting kerbau" so my mom was asked to 'merumput' (just an act of plucking/removing the grass) every morning. Guess it worked as my beloved gave birth to my big baby bro on the 2nd day she "merumput". The Doc told my mom that my baby brother could be so lazy (asyik nak tidur je) to get himself out from the tummy :) I had to agree to that coz when he came out, he was still sleeping hehehehe no thunderous cry whatsoever..the doc had to spank his bums to make him cry hehhehehe.

p.s. moral of the story - you know more when you take a peek ;)

Fi-sha said...

Ops one more thing...Zewt, i yearn to breathe the same air he, its no fun watching him on, he smiles more when hes away from the stadium :)