Thursday, June 18, 2009

Must-Read Thursday – "ACT NOW"

There are times in my life I did daring things – well not so daring after all. Just different from what is labelled the norms by our society. Not for cheap publicity definitely as these days doing what is conscientious and compassionate can sometimes be considered so ‘mengada nak tunjuk pandai’.

Someone told me last night that if this way isn’t working, why not we do it differently as long as we achieve the goal? Correct, correct, correct (applicable to all except to the department of ‘cardiology’;)

Sincerely, Malaysian Heart was kind to share this article, by Dr. Andrew Aeria of UNIMAS, which was published by ALIRAN*. Thanks my dear friend.

Dear friends, please ponder the action wish list, which rings true to my own dream that “I want my Ibu Pertiwi now and this one, we definitely cannot wait”. There is no superhero in this world – just us normal, ordinary people who could make a difference if we wanted to. Let’s ACT NOW!

*p.s. ALIRAN is the oldest human rights group in Malaysia, which produces ALIRAN Monthly, Malaysia's leading independent English-language news magazine. For a mere RM30 a year, they will deliver a copy to your doorstep every month.

p.s.s. It is timely that we support ALIRAN as our Ibu Pertiwi has just joined the League of Human Trafficking Nations, whose membership includes the lowest of lowest nations, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Burma, Papua New Guinea, Fiji and North Korea. What a disgrace to a country of first class infrastructure and third class mentality. What have we become, my dear friends? much about ketuanan syndrome plaguing our society, we enjoy slavery to bits. Tak percaya? We throw our litter everywhere and expecting the bangladeshi Alam Flora guys to sweep clean for us, we performed our nature calls in such an artistic way and demanding the indonesian cleaner lady to clean them up for us for a mere 30 sen we pay? Shish, are we that sicko? Tak kan?

p.s.s.s. Please God, I don't need any maids for I suffer a slight symptom of OCD.


Malaysian Heart said...

Hi Fisha,

Thanks for spreading the word. I am going to laminate the wish list & carry it around in my pocket!


Fi-sha said...

Dear MH

Thats so cute...but yes, sometimes we all need little reminders...i like your idea my dear..

Thanks for dropping by MH. Cheerio!

nightcaller said...


"Mengada nak tunjuk pandai"? sounds so familiar..maybe they are happier if we display the "katak bawah tempurung" kind of thing or just act as plain "al-blur"...

do it differently? nah...too troublesome, too long and we are impatient lot. Proof? how our drivers honk and swear and curse and cut queues wherever possible...and that goes to our commuters and LRT and star and kl monorail users too :)

Moral of the story : Do what you think is long as you are happy...if that fails, fall back to "wonder pets"...apa yang penting? kerjasama...:)

Have a nice day...

Fi-sha said...
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Fi-sha said...

Dear Mr Dnightcaller

Never say never and if we are indeed impatient lots, i could suggest we take gardening to the new height as gardening is well proven school of patience :)

p.s. Now we know why Jeanne Abdullah started her herb garden :)