Monday, June 8, 2009

White House's Mom In Chief

I marvel at Mrs. Obama, as much as I admire her hubby - not on the ticket of classic, stylish yet affordable wardrobe she wears or because she's the First Lady to the US of America - the most powerful nation in this world (as for now, perhaps, as China may clinche the coveted title in few years down the road).

I am more drawn towards the beautiful human side of hers and what she has brought to the White House as she is now its Mom in Chief.

Here are a few snippets from The TIME's "The Meaning of Michelle Obama" that makes me wishing for more First Ladies like her: -

"The White House became as much Michelle Obama's stage as her husband's even before she colored the fountains green for St. Patrick's Day, or mixed the Truman china with the World's Fair glasses at a state dinner, or installed beehives on the South Lawn, or turned the East Room into a jazz lounge for a night or sacrificed her first sock to the First Puppy. Of all the revelations of her first 100 days, the most striking was that she made it seem natural. She did not spend decades dreaming of this destination, and maybe that's the secret. "I'm not supposed to be here," she says again and again. And ever since she arrived, she has been asking, "What are the things that we can do differently here, the things that have never been done, the people who've never seen or experienced this White House?"

"She's always shown a shrewd eye for the strategic detour, suspending her career in favor of helping her husband get elected, then getting her daughters settled and her garden planted and, in the process, disarming the critics who cast her as a black radical in a designer dress. She will say she's just doing what comes naturally. But whether by accident or design, or a little of both, she has arrived at a place where her very power is magnified by her apparent lack of interest in it"

"She is expected to represent an ideal — and largely mythical — concept of American womanhood"

"The question now is what she plans to do with all this attention. We ask the usual questions of any new First Lady: What is she really like? How does she see her role? But it is only of Michelle Obama that we ask, What does she mean? Few First Ladies have embedded themselves so quickly in the world's imagination. And none have traveled so far, not just from Chicago's South Side to the East Wing, but from the caricatured Angry Black Woman of last spring to her exalted status as a New American Icon, as if her arrival will magically reverse eight years of anti-American spitballing, elevate the black middle class, promote family values, give voice to the voiceless and inspire us all to live healthier, more generous lives"

I wish i could get jealous with her but a lady as nice as her, who needs enemy right? She is at the best position in this confused world - to impart her ideals of being a woman, a wife, a mother and a citizen.

And to spoil my "Take It Easy Monday', i chanced upon this joke here.

Well, with the chunk of bling bling to match designer wardrobe (dari hujung rambut sampai ke hujung kaki), getting plump (Yes, I am being extremely polite here) and smiley, chaffeured-driven (and not forgetting the free riders at my disposal), I would definitely enjoy myself doing my works (err, kerja apa ek? Jalan2, makan2 tu kerja ke? Anybody that has this kind of job to offer, please email me ok?;)

Ouch, macam langit dengan bumi, kan?

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