Saturday, May 30, 2009

Help Save This Autism Centre, Please?

My dear friends,

This is my response (verbatim) to Uncle Zorro's post in the wee hour today, sharing Mr. Shiok Guy's plea to save an Autism Centre, where he sends his 2 sons, from closing down.


Dear Uncle Zorro,

I have a Little Angel, my 2-year nephew, who has been diagnosed with mild Autism late last year.

With recent reporting how autistic children being treated abusively at the NASUM Centre (tied to chairs as they could be hyperactive), it is HIGH time to save this centre as I want to send my Little Angel there.

Dear Uncle Zorro,

Theres one sure-fire business strategic we have here in Malaysia. Give bad service at gomen-supported centres (just like our schools), the service providers will become very enterprising, offering their service outside the business hours (read: tuition classes).

So, i know how it feels for Mr Shiok Guy to call for this SOS. We do not wish these gifted kids to succumb to unwarranted stupidity we thought they are and definitely being abused for their limitations.

There a lot of studies showing how genius they could be in IT, engineering and architectural discipline. Some even in sports (theres a report on Micheal Phelps having mild case of autism). They could make a difference in this world, if they were given chances.

It must be made known that autistic cases in malaysia are increasing each year. The medical and therapy expertise are limited and most of the time, the specialists hang their coats to become a salesman, looking for donations to fund these centres.

I truly believe everyone has his special place in this world. Please lend your compassion to this SOS call.

May 30, 2009 3:55 AM

Pleaseeee, I wish and I pray that you will contribute in any ways possible to this SOS call. Apart from monetary contribution, where you can credit into Uncle Zorro's PBB Account shown above (to avoid Conflict of Interest - God bless Uncle Zorro Always), you can read from Mr. Shiok Guy's blogpost that this Centre needs a premise, renovation works, musical instruments, telco equipments, arts and teaching materials.

My Little Angel - Nor Haris Firdaus

Autism is close to my heart as my Little Angel, Nor Haris Firdaus, my sister's youngest son, suffers from one. He's ever cheerful, dancing to the tunes from his favourite Playhouse Disney Channel. He moves around the house, expertly, quietly, we even thought of wearing him a bell around his neck so we know his whereabout. He enjoys drawing and loves running around the supermarket (thanks to his Mak Long's "Let's do it your way" motto) - picking a can and looking hard at the label - as if he knew how to read. He's autistic but he is no fool, I tell you.

Yes, he has a problem with communication - how would you feel if your child could not even utter "Mama" or "Papa". However, he is fortunate for my sister decided to seek medical assistance when he was 1.5 years old - considering some parents only realised this when their child was 6 years old. As Autism has vast specturm of symptoms, we are thankful to God he now looks at us when we called his name. When one is challenged, even a little sign like that is so precious. Perhaps, you could be more attentive when one talks to you from now on - communication is indeed a gift.

Trying to find the best "Early Intervention Program" for my Little Angel is not easy. My sister had been to several government-sponsored centres, as recommended by the specialist, but to see how these children being treated - it is a heart-breaking experience for any mother. Not forgetting, trying to get the best therapy for your loved one drains you financially.

Let me ask you this - would you be hard and harsh to someone who is sick? Would you let him be sick for the rest of his life?

Now that I know there is a Centre, God willing, with all of our help, my Little Angel and many more out there will have a better place for him to learn to become an independent being one fine day.

Will you help me put back the smile on their faces, please?


Anonymous said...

Hi Fisha,

Blod hop to your site & would like to ask for some info after reading what u have wrote.

As a mother myself i also now concern abt my 3 years old son delay in speech. Have some improvement after he join play school abt a month ago. By the way is it alright for me to checkget info from what means/which center u went for evaluation ? & for his early intervention programme....thanks in advance.

MRs Lau

Shiok Guy said...

Please see the latest update 4 June 2009 on the Autism center here

Yong Yek Ming aka Shiok Guy

Shiok Guy said...

Dear Mrs Lau

You need to get someone to assess if your son fall into the spectrum, they are some private service provider and also government hospital which do it.

If you are in KL, you may go to HUKM in Cheras look for CDC (Child Development Center)

Once you know his real condition, then EIP will be needed to get him to learn and also speech therapy will or might be needed.

We are setting up a center to cater for children from 2-12, and wish to have program after 12 for vocational training for independent living.

Talk to us.

Yong Yek Ming aka Shiok Guy

Fi-sha said...

Dear Mrs Lau

Im glad you stumbled into my blog :) and I hope Mr Yong's words could help you to address your concerns with your beloved son.

Take care and God bless.