Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mommies are Important

Yes, that's what i heard while watching Barney and Friends on Playhouse Disney Channel with my Little Angels.

Let's talk about why are they so.

Mommies continued to carry us for a long nine months and 10 days, despite the morning sickness, mood swing, backaches and swollen feet - so we could see this world and make a difference - Ever thought how much we need to pay a surrogate mother?

Mommies fed us, changed our wet nappies, did our pedicure and manicure, massaged our body so we could grow up strong and loved & Mommies lulled us to sleep while she cut short hers and getting the dark circles yet still smiled everytime we saw her face.

Mommies continued listening to your bad days at school, college, work and relationship and offered her comforting hands, shoulders and words even when they couldn't even comprehend what we were talking about, at their expenses (long and expensive reverse calls) and putting their hearts to unnecessary stress.

Mommies cooked us breakfast, lunch and dinner, prepared our lunchbox, so we could be healthy and smart(y). Mommies pressed our uniforms and whitened our shoes so you looked the most cutest kid in school. Mommies hugged and mommies waved. We walked to school feeling we could conquer this world.

Mommies taught us ABCs, 123s, science, logic and all. They said we must be good, prim and proper. They told us to respect and to love, flush the toilet, wash our hands and brush our teeth. They hugged us after a good scold and they said their prayers so we would be safe and sound, asking forgiveness from God if they had failed us.

I wonder what and where are we now if not for Mommies dearie?

To my beloved Mak and all Mommies out there, Happy Mother's Day! For all the good we have in ourselves, we owe them to Mommies. May all Mommies out there be loved, heard and pampered. Mommies - they all should be in heaven.

Mommies, indeed, are important, Barney!

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