Friday, May 15, 2009

My Laws

Zewt always come up with brilliant posts that make us the avid readers of his blog thinking. Since he asked us "What's your Law?", I would be delighted to have the following laws enacted: -

1. Those who mistreated their animals shall be sentenced for imprisonment and community service at SPCA, Fury Friends and other animal sanctuaries/conservatories for, at least, 3 months. No bails allowed. The complainant for such animal cruelty shall received a token of appreciation from the Government as Gandhi-ji says that "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated".

2. Once a divorce is finalised by the relevant Courts, the employer of the ex-husband must be immediately notified by the Government on the agreed alimony via salary deduction, which will be credited into the ex-wife's account.

p.s. I am yet to think how to deal with self-employed ex-husbands. This is tricky, yes, most men are, don't you think?

3. Those developers, who did not re-home the animals from the habitat, shall be revoked of their development order and the directors should be blacklisted from being appointed as one to any other companies for 3 years. I've seen monkeys rummaging through garbages for food. It's a pity sight to see them got killed as they tried to cross the roads to feed their hungry kids.

4. Office politics should be made a 'sin'. I need your help with the kind of punishment to 'educate' these group of people.

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