Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mourning....Till I Think Otherwise

My dear Blog,

I shall leave you on 'Mourning' mode starting today.

My mind was blackened out by the injustice and idiosyncrasy i witnessed on this sorrowful day of Modern Malaysia. It pains to see powers are abused to the max, senselessly, and it is even disturbed to accept the fact that there are many people out there are incapable of behaving like human beings and even, thinking!

My heart goes out to those who were taken in for telling the 'Runner' of the Tin Mine State to hear out our voice. Why did they do this when there is not even a small plague for them to take home and show to all?

My soul, somehow, remains hopeful. An indian man stands by his words and power so that democracy can prevail. I remember when someone said "anak cina, anak saya, anak india, anak saya (juga)" months before 1Malaysia sloganeering was revealed to us Malaysians recently.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

As for now, my dear blog, we shall mourn for Uncle Zorro, Ms Helen Ang and many more innocents souls who were locked up for our sanity today, for all those resilient souls who remain standing when the weather is so bleaked. May God bless and protect them all.

My dear blog, we are forever indebted to them - always remember that for we shall continue do what is required of us to sent that evil back to where it belongs. This I promise you....


TheWhisperer said...


A nice post idea and a fitting tribute.

Glad to know you took all the trouble to be there. Commuting by train through and fro.

This post shall goes to you as well. You truly deserve this recognition for your spirit toward A Better Malaysia cause.

Glad you dropped by.

Fi-sha said...

Dear Sir

The pleasure is all mine sir.