Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Searching for My 'Safety Car'

This weekend, F1 will come alive at Monte Carlo - the land of Grace Kelly.

I stopped keeping up with F1 since the cold and cool Mika Hakkinen left the scene in 2001. Perhaps, i should push the re-start button now that Brawn GP came up top this season. Wow, Ross Brawn surely knows how to make great investment buying the Honda team and turned it into a WINNER. How inspiring.

p.s. No, I'm not anti-Ferrari . I happen to support Finnish drivers only :P and teams that came back strong like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Apart from Mika, I couldn't help myself but praying that something will happen during the race because i wanted to see my one and only F1™ Safety Car. Yes, this one SEXY car has the power of keeping the F1 cars (and drivers) under control. For 2009 season, it's the SL 63 AMG, as the Official F1™ Safety Car.

Ok, enough ramblings about my sexy car. What i wanted to share is this excerpt of Allianz' ads in TIME: -

"This year's Formula 1 season brings with it some dramatic changes, making the races even more exciting. But in every race there's one constant factor everyone relies on - the presence of Bernd Maylander, the official Formula One Safety Car Driver."

Hey, it sounds logical if i changed it as follows (please do some thinking and fill in the blanks OK?): -

"This year's political scene brings with it some dramatic changes (new peeyem, bye/buy-elections, froggies and zombies ran amok in 'school assembly, hop-hopping courts, ____). But in every scene there's one constant factor everyone relies on - the presence of ______ , the Official ______."

So, can you help me searching for my nation's 'Safety Car and its Driver' please?


The Corporate Athlete said...

adaaa.... but they're not covered in metallic and gold ...:)..

Fi-sha said...

Dear Bro PT CA

:) guess i like black too much, the only thing that looks good is bling-bling in metallic and gold :)

Tell me la if you found it already bro...please?

bongkersz said...

Team Brawn is definitely something out of the F1 fans expectation that happened in F1 calendar this year.

I'm a big fan, not Ferrari obviously. Same reason why I'm not supporting Manchester United haha!

Our political drama is more exciting than any soap dramas or Hollywood series combined. Even my favourite show, 24 can't beat the surprises in our backyard.

Fi-sha said...

Dear Bong

Brawn GP has what i adore - english driver, 'underdog turned the force to reckon with' team and insightful boss. Just like why kind off supporting arsenal - because of Arsene Wenger :)

Indeed, you are right Bong! Now i know why i dont really watch TV :P