Monday, May 11, 2009

God is always Great

God, the Almighty, is always great
It is always the darkest before dawn
That we did not frown
God, the Sustainer, is always great
Down we went, battered and shattered
Yet that didn't matter

God, the Victorious, is always great
For victory is sweetest
When you have known the defeat

For the courage of those who fight for the people
For the bravery of those who made the decision
For this moment of time
A glimpse of hope
For us to move ahead
Towards better Malaysia

Yes, it is a beautiful feeling, a rather serene one. I know we were all deep in thankful prayers when this rightful news was made public.

Yes, it is a great feeling, a rather sober one. For what we had gone through since last Thursday, we remain standing, not falter..

Thank you God..I am forever yours...

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