Saturday, May 23, 2009


Born a Pisces, I'm a proven shrewd judge of character. Unfortunately, in the Land of Malaysia Boleh Lah land, where hypocrisy is deemed trendy, my sound judgement of character brings me smaller circle of friends -ones before whom i may think aloud - and ever slim chances of meeting the other half of me. While i could stop following my gut feelings and win more, merrier friends and having more proposals in my hands, it is definitely the right thing to do - i shall follow my heart.

Look at this photo. For me, it pictures 'Semangat Setiakawan' at its best. It reflects the true spirit we, ordinary malaysians, have been dreaming on - tiga warna, tiga bangsa, satu suara, satu negara.

If there is one model to emulate, the rightful Perak State Government is the best model to start with.

Gentlemen, we are with you - always!


Malaysian Heart said...

I pray that they have the courage & integrity to maintain their Semangat Setiakawan, even in face of challenges from their opponents.

Inspiring post, thanks.

Fi-sha said...

Dear Malaysian Heart

Amin to your prayer. Thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

sure or not 1 bahasa.. i thought that both the malay and the anney are ngah-ngeh puppets.. u sure or nottt

Fi-sha said...

My Mom told me that i should not talk to strangers with no name...

joshua wong said...


"my sound judgement of character brings me smaller circle of true friends" - aha, but they're 'true' friends, no?

Let's hope the crisis is settled with the participation of the 'rakyat.

And also that the rakyat knows whom are their true friends.

Take care...

Fi-sha said...

Hi Joshua

Some say they are my true friends. I guess words mean nothing if you don't act like one, kan?

Yes, Joshua. I do hope we know who's out true friends with all kind of media spinning now, it is easy to 'sway' from what we believe in. Hope you have a great day!