Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Sixty years ago, my beloved Mak – my Guardian Angel - was born into this world – 09.09.1949

I had a long look at Mak during our Buka Puasa yesterday. Chu, the mother of my Little Women of Penang, the baby sister of Mak, had this to say when I told her last weekend – “What! Mak will turn 60 this year?”

Yes, Mak looks so young for her age, even my dear Bro PT CA thought she’s my sister during his visit to prepare my “Bed of Vege”.

During her visits to hospitals (either going for her Carpal Tunnel physio (Yeay! She could bend her little finger now) or Ayah’s Uro check-up), people would think that she has a maid at home as her hands are so smooth and she looks so… restful.

p.s. Well, we never have one (I say "NO WAY" because when my sister had one, Mak, forever helpful, God bless her, did everything all over again when the maid couldn't adhere to her 'ISO standard') and I must tell you that Mak suffers from slight 'OCD' when it comes to “Home Management” – she has daily routines that ensure her “home sweet home” is ever spick and span. Once, my landlord was so worried (when I should be the one), before I came over as my relatives in The Little Red Dot told him that people can even sleep in Mak’s washroom. Mak’s “Home Management” standard is so high, I don’t think I’ll ever ‘graduate’ with flying colours.

It can't be the genes because even people think she's younger than her baby sisters.

I believe Mak's youthfulness is attributed by these simple rules she lives by: -

1. To give abundantly and selflessly, without being asked or asking anything in return – That’s Altruism

2. To do everything with full responsibility and accountability – That’s integrity

3. To treat everyone like your family as no one should feel like a stranger – That’s Compassion

4. To speak the truth, nothing but the truth – That’s honesty

5. To see the goodness in everyone and everything – That’s Appreciation

6. To forgive (but never forget) – That’s Mercy (and being savvy)

7. To stand by your loved ones come what may – That’s Unconditional Love

8. To live simply – That’s Happiness

9. To believe that “God is indeed Great” – That’s the Best Solace

On top of the above, i deem Mak was blessed with kind prayers and thoughts of many people, whose lives she has touched. She was telling me last year that since her mother passed away (my grandma) while she was a teen, she never fails to 'sedekah Al-Fatihah to her parents".

That was 50 years ago and my Tok passed away only 2 years ago. Out of 'buang tebiat', my Tok also told me that he never fails to pray for Mak, especially (Mak was his favourite and his confidante). It must be the 'Barakah' from my Tok to Mak.

I'm glad Mak and Tok shared with me this 'gift' because it is so true that "thoughts and prayers bind people close at heart". It is time for me to continue this 'tradition'.

Another year has come and a lesser time i could spend with Mak. After I kissed her hands, hugged her tightly and wishing her "Happy Birthday" before leaving for work this morning, I told myself to hug her (even when she's happy), to pay attention when she does things (though she thinks I've mastered all), to listen to her, to understand her words and actions, to read her mind and heart, to spend more time with her, to be there for her (simply) - in greater intensity and multitude.

Not a day passed by without a prayer to God to have mercy on my parents, to protect and bless them just as much they have protected and blessed me with all their might and love while i was a baby because I know I won't be able to care for them as much as they had cared for me back then.

Dear God, only You know how much I treasure Mak.

Happy Birthday Mak...

p.s. Mommies are Important I wish everyday is Mother’s Day


The Corporate Athlete said...

Fi-sha, please send my birthday wish to your mom. Semoga Allah panjangkan umurnya. Ameen.

p/s - what's her secret to youthful look huh? ulam? :) She looks REALLY young!

TheWhisperer said...

Happy Birthday, Mum!

zorro said...

I just tagged you in my latest posting for a very good cause....and hug mum for me....a good squeeze please.

Fi-sha said...

Dear Gentlemen,

thanks for the well wishes for my beloved Mak.

Dear Bro PT CA, my Mak does not eat ulam...

Dear Uncle Zorro, thanks for sharing.