Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Butang and Button

“There is no snooze button on a cat who wants breakfast"

In the case of Butang (right) and Button, there is definitely no snooze buttons for their 5-meal-a-day.

When they were first brought home from Masjid by my cousin around 1.5 months ago, they were so skinny sans their mother, my aunt decided to call them (both) "Halus" as in "So Frail". In the good hands of my aunt, they have grown up to be very, extremely active and healthy kittens. Though they are adored immensely by my aunt, they were not allowed to enter her house.

When i came back home for Raya last friday, all rules were broken - thanks to me :) - as I, the new self-appointed caretaker for 5 days decided that it's Raya after all and no souls should be deprived of continuous 'tender, loving care'.

The self-appointed caretaker also veto-ed that they should be re-named "Butang" and "Button" - well, just look at their eyes.

So, they ran all over the place, tickling everyone with their cute 'antics', melting our hearts with their watery, round eyes. Yes, we went their way and boy, we had great times, kan Butang, kan Button?

They remind me of Manis - another orphan. So, i think i have done something good this Raya for Butang and Button - Anak Yatim Piatu.

They grow up without their mom's milk, which may cause them to lose their teeth quite early but with all the love and care they have, i know they won't mind losing a tooth or two :)

Like Tonnie, the owner of "Jessica, The Hippo" who says "I rather befriend the animals, than humans", i have to concur with him. These unwanted animals have more sense than us, the most intellectual 'animals' God have created.

Dear Butang and Button, i miss you two already...

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