Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kartika is One Happy Lady - Please Let Her Be...

I am a happy woman because Kartika is happy. She looked so serene and contented during the impromptu PC held at her father’s homestay Lang Buana camp in Kuala Kangsar.

Through this dark chapter of her life, Kartika has the undying supports from her beloved husband and family. And i have to say, she is one strong lady. Berani Kerana Benar, Takut Kerana Salah.

She told Gomen and the NGOs to butt out on Thursday. She is hoping for the authorities will just get on with the whipping, which had been put off till after Ramadhan and for the ‘meddlers’ to respect her decision.

When asked how she has been “preparing” for the punishment, she said, “I pray”.

p.s. I’d like to share with you on the benefits of prayers in my upcoming posting. It is said that ‘Sujud’ or prostration position during prayer helps to develop sensible and positive thinking along with highly motivated view of life.

I am sure she comes out of this stronger. Sometimes in life, we are faced with challenges, which no one would be able to help us through. Instead of throwing tantrums or succumb into depression, we always have God Almighty - The One we ask for solace to our weary soul. With His Willing, we would find ways to tackle the challenges though most of time, they are not easy.

As she had paid RM5,000 fine for the same offense, I do hope the authorities would now refund her the fines as they still intend to carry out the whipping. Syariah law, just like any other law, calls for justice for all and it is unfair to punish one, twice for the same offense.

Under state Syariah Criminal Offences Codes, only Pahang, Perlis and Kelantan provide shipping for women. The whipping implemented by Syariah Court was different from that done by civil courts. The rotan to be used should not be more than 1.22m long and not more than 1.25cm thick, and the whipping does not hit the face, head, stomach, breast or private parts. It must be done using moderate force. The punishers should not raise their hands over the head so as not to injure the skin.

Islam is kind and I wish the ones that will carry its Syariah are kind too.

Each day is a special gift from God,

And while life may not always be fair,

You must never allow the pains, hurdles

And handicaps of the moment

To poison your attitude and plans for yourself and your future

You can never win when you wear the ugly cloak of self-pity

And the sour sound of whining will certainly frighten away

Any opportunity for success

Never again. There is a better way

~ Og Mandino

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