Sunday, September 27, 2009


Nomination Day for Bagan Pinang bye-bye election is just around the corner and the Mighty (G)Rowling Party is yet to name his candy-date.

Come to think of this party, being the biggest you-know-what party 'seantero malaya', I wonder (seriously) why is it so difficult for them to name one? It should be done in an iffy because N9 is one of its 'kubu kuat'. Mano poey eh Jang!

Come to think of the names being mentioned (actually only one name keeps popping up), I shake my head in disbelief - Shish! Why can't this party find one 'clean' candy-date? Or perhaps, all of them are 'tainted' with 'melamine'? Maybe the supporters at grassroot level are pinning for "Wang Besar! Wang Besar! Wang Besar!". Whether the candy-date is 'Tainted' or not, as long as my White Rabbit Candy is free from melamine (so, i could chew on my way there), I'd say "Bring him on!".

Come to think of continuous victory to PR in previous bye-buy-by elections (except for Batang Ai ~ Alahai, undi ku dibawa arus), can't the you-know-what think of a better strategy to woo the voters? Sesia belajar (belanja) tinggi, kalau busuk hati semua pasti tak jadi!

To you-know-what, come, let's listen to this song by N'Sync! Priceless!

I don't wanna make it tough
But I had enough
And it ain't no lie
Baby, Bye bye
Bye, Bye
Don't wanna be a fool for you
Just another player in your game for two
I don't wanna be your fool
But it ain't no lie
Baby bye, bye, bye...

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