Thursday, July 9, 2009

These Are My Favourite Things

When the dog bites, When the bee stings, When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favourite things and then I don't feel so bad

- Sound of Music

Maria sang this song to Von Trapp children during one thunderstormy night in her bedroom.

Of course I am sad - 1FPM6 will arrive at ‘its’ 100 days in the next few days but are we any better or worse, today than 100 days before? After too many talking cock and gimmicks, I think I need to sit for another MENSA test to check if my IQ has gone south. However, I am sure that my EQ has quadrupled since May, 7. Coupled to some ‘disturbing and confusing facts and fallacies on every front’, this is really a sad week, indeed.

Therefore, i have to ‘sing’ you “My Favourite A-Z Things” since I’ve been tagged by my dear Mirian Bong (ain’t that cool Bong, even better than Martian, kan? :P): -

A = Audrey Hepburn, definitely! She epitomised beauty in every possible forms

B = Ballet is the most expressive body language in the world yet so mysterious. I wish I were a ballerina because most of the times, words would not be able to express your feelings

C = Cats, of course!

D = Daffodils are cheap and cheerful. This happy faces of spring time is the national emblem of Wales – my favourite part of the United Kingdom

E = Empathy and I wish I have enough of it to be a compassionate soul and make this world a better place

F = Family and Friends are close to my dear heart and I love this proverb that says it all - “Treat your family like friends and your friends like family”

G = Garden, Tropical Spice Garden in Teluk Bahang - there's a giant swing overlooking the sea that makes it the most romantic spot in this wonderful garden

H = Hill, magical Penang Hill – I guessed I fell in love with this hill after countless trips up there with my parents when I was once an innocent, cute little girl (well, you can ‘see’ from my blog what I’ve turned into)

I = Ibu Pertiwi, tanah tumpahnya darah ku, rakyat hidup bersatu dan maju
J = “J”, simply…

K = Kitchen is my favourite place of the house and my mom says it is the soul of the house. It is my ‘lab’, where I do my thinking – best – while cooking!

L = L-O-V-E and for this word, you have to listen to Nat King Cole’s Love

M = Making up is better – someone said this and don’t you think so?

N = Never say Never – Lance Armstrong swears to these words and yes, he’s going to grab the yellow jersey from Fabian Cancellara in TdF 2009

O = Of course, it has to be Mr. and Mrs. Obama – the best partnership

P = Pumps are sweet, comfy and petite – just my kind of ‘heaven on feet’

Q = Quintessentially English is a great business model that is people and environmental friendly. If I could do it here, it would be called Quintessentially Malaysian

R = Raindrops & Rainbow – physically and metaphorically capable of putting a broad smile on my face and in my heart

S = Sotto Voce perfume by Italian Laura Biagotti as it has my favourite smells of blackcurrants, coriander, plum and peaches for its top notes, orchid for its middle notes and vanilla as its basic note. Sadly, P&G stopped selling it here for the longest time !sigh!

T = Tempestuous perfectly describes my emotion at its best (or worst)

U = Understated fashion sense like Jackie O and Michelle O – I like!

V = Vanilla, what else can I say, my heavenly vanilla!

W = Wenger. My Arsene Wenger !sigh!

XX = XX Chromosomes – Praise to God for making me a woman for the hands that rock the cradle will rock the world. For that, love thy mother, love thy wife, love thy daughters and the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with

Y = Yogurt is yummilicious!

Z = Zoologist is my dream career – I reckon it is even more enriching, fulfilling and daring career compared to dealing with human beings.

p.s. Sorry Bong, this tag will stop here..for now.


zorro said...

A pleasant break reading this post. Brought relief from the constant to and fro to Manek Uraifrom base in KB. Today Duke and I staying put to catch up on much needed traveling don't actually count.

The Corporate Athlete said...

J = Japanese a.k.a oriental look .... no? yes? .... :)

Fi-sha said...

Hi Uncle Zorro

I hope "My favourite A-Z Things" lightened up you and Mr Duke The Whisperer. Do take care and may God bless you all, always. Hugs to all of you!

Dear Bro PT CA,

:) tak la bro..J doesnt stand for Jap's look hehhehhe.. Nice try though since you know me that well.

Lady Florenz said...

Hi Fi-sha,

We shared some likings:

Audrey Hepburn - I adore her too !

Ballet - I love to see how those ballerinas dancing to the rhythm with their hearts (hey, I know you was one also, though not a pro.. hehe)

Cats - you know I love them :)

Garden - Teluk Bahang does have that spot? Now you gave me idea for next holiday destination :)

Zoologist - Well, not my dream career.. but I do wish to have more space where I can nurture cats.

P.S. Miss 'seeing' you here.. been pretty tight up.. Will catch up with you soon, I hope.

Take care!

joshua wong said...


The picture of the tropical spice garden in Teluk Bahang look so enticing. Wish i was there now. sigh...

Fi-sha said...

Dear Lady Florenz and Joshua

The Tropical Spice Garden is a must-visit - and don't forget to stay awhile on the giant swing before enjoying the exotic drinks at the cafe atop the hill. It's heaven on earth!

joshua wong said...

heaven on earth? could there be such a place? would definitely keep this place in mind if ever go on a trip.

Before leaving, would like to share this article with you-of Obama's trip to Ghana: Rebranding Africa. It's written by Bono.