Monday, July 20, 2009

Smoke Gets Into Your...Yikes!

I wouldn’t mind when men smoke and I dated some even when they smoke like a chimney but I would be extremely conscious when I smell like the chimney myself :P - even my vanilla perfume could not outperform while my cats would get so jealous – collateral damage is apparent (countless well-chewed chargers, well-scratched bags and chest of drawers, splashes of perfume all over the floor, you name it, I’ve been through it).

My Ayah quit smoking when I was in my Mommy’s tummy while my late Atok was on and off the fags till the day he died 2 years ago – it was not the cancer, he succumbed to injuries after bike accident, 50 metres from his home sweet home.

Then, one fine day, this article rolled into my 'laps' - "When bad advice is the best advice" (Bak bulan jatuh ke riba). Especially after reading these excerpts, i put my anti-smoking stance at the lowest level possible: -


"According to this new paradigm of preference-sensitive decision-making, doctors like me shouldn’t tell patients what to do (Take your pills! Stop smoking!), but rather should educate our patients about the risks and benefits of their options.

So going by the book, I should have informed my patient about the pros and cons of tobacco. But I couldn’t stand by, in the role of a dispassionate educator, and let this man hurt himself. Instead, I felt compelled to give him advice that would promote his best interests.

I advised him to smoke.

“You two obviously love each other very much,” I said. Then I turned to his wife.

“I know that you are trying to keep your husband from smoking because you love him and don’t want him to get sicker,” I continued, as I recall. “But those cigarettes aren’t going to hurt him now. If anything, they’ll help him relax. What matters is that you two stick together, because these next few months are going to be really difficult.”

I reminded them that the cancer wasn’t curable, that we were hoping to improve his quality of life, and that the best way to do that was to spend quality time with the people he loved".

Isn't that so touching?

Wait a minute gentlemean! Are you an old, terminally ill cancer patient? Or do you want to be one? So, would you be kind enough to yourself and your loved to, at least, reduce the number of fags you puffed or if you are strong-willed enough, why don’t you quit, pleaseeeee?

The Prime Minister to the world’s seventh biggest cigarettes market has likened cigarettes to terrorism that the government has banned imminently smoking in cafes, restaurants and bars and the PM has even banned this puffin business in Cabinet meetings - that’s a measure of how strongly Tayyip Erdogan feels about tobacco. Read more here.

So, this is the man who is brave enough to tell Shimon Peres “You are killing people” on TV in Davos and branded Xinjiang Killings as genocide. A man who feels and speaks for those being marginalized, brutalized and oppressed when most men that walk the Corridor of Power talk about how much they could get from their game plans. How about the rest of you gentlemen out there?

I know you have all the rights to smoke but I must let you know when it comes to deteriorating the lives – yours and people around you – I do have the right to tell you to stop making yourself sick (to put it mildly when i can say "you are killing yourself baby") and leading many innocent souls into smoking - simply because I care.

If we felt betrayed when too many lives being lost at the hands of people who are supposed to protect us, how different are you from them then – head of the family, community and nation?

Smoke gets in your lungs and it may get into my eyes and your loved ones too...Please?


The Corporate Athlete said...

oh wow, you even write on smoking ... way to go, sis :) You are definitely an all-rounder. keep it up.

The Precious aKmaL said...

It's great informative post, we don't need polluter in the first place. Thank you for sharing :)

Fi-sha said...

Hi Bro! Thanks for your encouraging words. I strive to be one - because i'm always as curious as the cats! :)

Dear Akmal and his Mommy dearie, Fair,
Yes, we don't need more polluters -apart from our Mother Earth, they are many more living beings that would be crying when one puffs the smoke...


Anonymous said...

Yeah should cut down smoking