Monday, July 27, 2009

Buta (Mata + Hati) = 'Mati'

I chanced upon this and I am disappointed.

Then, I came to read the following comment from The Storyteller herself here and I am relieved: -

"yasmin said...

diana, no one has speculated anything here, yet you are saying, "don't speculate"?this is precisely what i cannot stand about this whole affair. some people in power are so defensive!

my mother and i were watching rtm news - a man with a moustache said at great length that we should not suspect foul play before investigation results.

my mother said, "do they think we are 2-year olds?"

Oh boy, i thought only guys are kids trapped in a boy's body. Apparently, majority of them (you know who you are - but these people do not go near my blog?) think like 2-year old kids.

Kesian....for all the news on Rancangan Tergendala Malaysia are for kids? Ouch, talking about intelligence in the 'cardio and cranium departments', my Mak surely love to say this to them - "Akal dekat kepala ke kepala lutut? Hati dekat dada ke atas para?"

Hmm...truly 'buta mata' and 'buta hati'...


Bergen said...

Thank you, ma'am. You say nice things about me. You be sure to stay sharp now, y'hear?

TheWhisperer said...

Appropriate title..

Along list of them out there!

Fi-sha said...

Dear Encik Bergen

I really mean every single things i said Sir. And yes Sir, I shall and strive to stay sharp :)

Dear Mr Whisperer

I seriously thought i was so mean to use those words. Thanks for the support sir!