Monday, July 6, 2009

Social Justice and The First Lady

While we are being utterly shocked on how people in Rumah Sinar Harapan in Kuala Kubu Bahru being inhumanely treated, Mrs. Obama, The First Lady of the World's Super Power, is busy doing her less fortunate countrymen some social justice. Let's take some time reading this article from Newsweek.

She also kicked start "United We Serve" program across her country, that aims to stimulate economic growth and encourage community service through extended volunteer work. Go enlighten yourself here.

The land of Mr. Obama used to have the Great Dame Eleanor Roosevelt and now, it has Mrs. Obama.

So, where art thou thee First Lady of our Ibu Pertiwi?

p.s. Oh, maybe they got confused, so God, please help us...


Anonymous said...

"""""""So, where art thou thee First Lady of our Ibu Pertiwi? """""""

Where? You cant see our fat ass Rosmah meh?

Fi-sha said...

Dear Anon 4.40

Are you sure or not she's the ONE? :P

Anonymous said...

She not only the ONE, shes also the TWO, THREE, FOUR and FIVE!! all rolled in !!!!!