Friday, July 17, 2009

I Cannot Take These Craps Anymore

Hilang Nyawa

6 months ago, my Adik Kugan died during '#%&&*' custody

Yesterday, my Adik Beng Hock was found in a pool of blood at '*&^%#^&' Selangor HQ

How many more lives do we need to 'sacrifice' before our conscience prevails?

Wow, lives are indeed bloody cheap in Malaysia when they threw us with these?

Buat Duit vs. Buang Duit

Less than 2 months from April Fool Day, rightful Perak State Government fell into wrongfool hand of '*&^%$' impostor - thanks to 'katak-katak yang tak mesra alam'

On 12 July 2009, that '*&^%$^' announced '10-carrot sticks' to 'lure' us back to his 'den'

2 days later, Abe Uji won MU's buy-election with 'kulit bawang' majority of 65 votes - thanks to bag$ of $

4 days later, they said they will increase both taxi and bus fares

5 days later, they say they will increase our electricity tariffs

Heck! This is the price we pay for giving the '%$^$#&' gomen another chance. So much about "Ketuanan Melayu", "Memertabatkan Islam" and 'Jaga Periuk Nasi Sendiri", we forget those '&#%^*^%' are animals after all.

Don't you think it's high time we kick their butts!?

p.s. Anyone wants to volunteer as my 'punching bag'?


The Precious aKmaL said...

Hi Dream A Little More Dream,

Cool blog. Auch as your punching bag :) Has anyone? ;)

Fi-sha said...

Hello Akmal (or his Mommy Dearest Fair)

Thanks my dear

I am still interviewing for that position of my punching bag :)