Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Up The Ante for Galas and Batu Sapi Voters

In today's world of too many choices and a lot more exploitations, that resulted in confusion and inactions, it is always wise to have our set of 'beacons' to guide us during our journey.

In the next one week, I want voters of Galas and Batu Sapi to be enlightened on the following set of 'beacons' to save this Ibu Pertiwi from further plunders and blunders by the dunders - that is the Government of the day: -


1. People of "Serambi Mekah' must reject upright a proxy to the Government of the Day, whose supporters have been misleading us all that you must support Ku Li's Party. In my opinion, that party is now-defunct Semangat 46, and that explains well why Ku Li, despite being an UMNO member, has been very critical towards his party. We should not support liars!

2. Federal Government of the day's denial to the rights of "Serambi Mekah" people for oil royalties, which has out Kelantan, as a state, to what it is now (lack of funds to finance its much-needed infrastructure projects for benefits of common people). We must vote for justice!

3. Degradation of Islam and its values through Islamic Fashion Festival held in Monte Carlo - a casino city-state - helmed by none other than the self-professed First Lady. Their insensitivities show how serious they are to curb multi-faceted pandemics we are facing like social ills and corruptions, to name the obvious. Tell them you had enough!

4. Felda's broken promises all these while must be reversed so that small planters, traders and common people, like us, would not be taken for a ride,into oblivion. Everyone is important!

Batu Sapi

1. Why o why Batu Sapi voters that your State is the poorest in this Ibu Pertiwi, when she has the most beautiful, wonderful and bountiful of natural resources? To rub salts to your open wounds, even Government of the day will appoint Sarawakian contractor for your Kimanis Gas Pipe Project. If you think that is the sure-fire sign of their distrust in you, let's cast your vote of inconfidence in them come 4 Nov!

2. BN and SAPP have shown their inactions to your plights, despite their promises during past elections. Once bitten, twice shy - Change we must and it starts with your vote!

3. BN has brought in more PATI than you ever know. Not only your crime rate has increased, your economical survival is also at stakes for the greedy conglomerates and business owners would hire the PATI, for they could pay low wages, while you wonder if you could feed all the mouhts in your immediate family today. Stop this abuse of power!

4. Sibu voters have supported our cause to win Putrajaya in May this year and ever since then, things are getting brighter for them and the rest of Sarawakians when Pok Meh and his state government are having tough time sleeping at night for their cruel regime's era of injustice is nigh. We know you could do much better than that because you, the people of Sabah, like us, deserve better than this Government of the day have provided us. Join us!

May the best men win!

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