Friday, October 15, 2010

Madness at Work

Warning: This post is filled with "Bloody". Tresspass with great caution.

I was fuming mad (didn’t I tell you I am full of emotions, most of the time tempestuous?) listening to BFM’s news this morning. And it’s bloody Friday – yes, the D-day for Budget 2011 (we should bloody cheer because it’s going to be full with election carrots sprawled on the ground for us to pick and trample on)!

No thanks to HR Minister S. Subramaniam. He said that the poors are too choosy about getting a job!

Well hell Subramaniam. You bloody mentioned that one of the reasons could be attributed to too low wages. You are damn right!

But on top of that too low wages (sometimes, it is depressing to realize, at the end of the day, that most of us go to work to pay bills in the process of going to work i.e. we incur more costs in being at work!), you, HR Minister, must read Mr. Daniel Gross’ article “We’re Mad as Hell” in Newsweek, before blaming the poors.

Mr. Gross rightly pointed out that “it seems ironic that signs of employee dissatisfaction should emerge at a time of high unemployment, but it is hardly surprising. For the 2 phenomena – the poor labour market and workers’ antagonism towards employers and customers – are actually connected. Employees are sick and tired of tough conditions and crummy salaries!”

Despite growing economy for the past one year, with surging profits, most of us think they are driven by remarkable gains in efficiency and productivity by the corporates. Unfortunately, Mr. Gross reveals that productivity growth doesn’t improved in tandem because most of the gains come from payrolls cuts! Salaries are cut, benefits are curtailed and businesses have been slow at hiring people.

He wrote that “the last couple of years have been a golden era for employers—they’ve found that they can hire whom they want at lower wages, and that it’s easier to retain folks without having to boost salaries. But at some point companies that want to grow will have to break down and hire new people, or turn part-timers into full-timers, or put contractors on the payroll. Many employers are treating existing and potential employees as if they’re desperate for work. And plenty of Americans are. But desperate times can lead to desperate measures. Push your workforce too hard without adequate reward, and someone just might tell you to take this job and shove it”.

So HR Minister, don’t bloody shoot the messengers i.e. the poors, when they did not take up your lousy, lowly jobs offered through e-Kasih. If you and your team can’t think, the least you can do is bloody read more!

“All work has a threefold moral significance. First, it is a principle way that people exercise the distinctive human capacity for self-expression and self-realization. Second, it is the ordinary way for human beings to fulfill their material needs. Finally, work enables people to contribute to the well-being of the larger community. Work is not only for one's self. It is for one's family, for the nation, and indeed for the benefit of the entire human family”
~ Economic Justice for All

It is, then, not surprising to see most developing countries that offer cheap labour force also rank high in corruption index.

It is, also, disheartening to hear a Minister (Mak says that one of the signs of End of this World is when we have too many coward leaders) like Subramaniam blaming the poors for stone-dropping FDI. And you know it would bloody difficult for the powers-that-be to agree to minimum wage because by having this 'safety net', their 'warlords' would lose materially and that is not something they would want to inflict during this delicate moment.

Please STOP this MADNESS!


Antares said...

The word "bloody" (I was told) was once used as a code by Goddess worshipers (like myself). It was actually a slurring of "by our lady" - which might explain why Bloody Mary became such a popular drink. Blowing some bubbles your way...

Fi-sha said...

Hi Antares!
Wow!Thanks for making me feel a lil decent :D

I love those pics at Tanah Lot - lovely place for a lovely soul, please make sure you enjoy yourself to the fullest Antares...

p.s. Bubbly? :D No wonder the bubbles looked different yesterday :)