Friday, October 15, 2010

Los 33 - The Chronicle

I am putting up a sidebar for Los 33.

There are just too much to learn from them and thanks to Guardian, my favourite online newspaper, provides a well rounded, heart tugging-and-warming newscope on them. Surprisingly, their story isn't just about the power of hope and humanity, the tragedy may be the much needed turning point to make businesses more employee-friendly. Most importantly, this tragedy brought many people together - from rescuers to volunteers, government to private companies, friends and foes. This tragedy moves a nation and maybe, the world too.

I am just full with emotions. These days, it is hard for many of us to appreciate those people who turn the wheels of this world, risking their lives for a pay that is not worthwhile, so we could enjoy all the basics and luxuries this world could offer.

So, please, in your own capacity, let these people know that we care. For once, make them feel they are important as we who sit behind our desk, signing deals, sipping our coffee, in a cozy little office.

Starting this friday, let's not leave anyone behind...

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