Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Words Come Easy When They Are True

As I walked out of my office yesterday, Robbie William's "Shame" gently knocked my soul especially when it comes to this part of the song, "Words Come Easy When They Are True". How true isn't it?

So, when I spent my time listening to the Third installment of ETP over BFM this morning, after listening to the first two, it dawns on me why we think this ETP thingy is so superfluous - that it is difficult to mince the ideas because we know, deep down, those words uttered and printed are far from the real truth.

Thank God, after such sad interview with the Lab Leader, BFM had the Great Sal Khan for its Breakfast Grille - this is someone we all need to know and emulate more. May God bless him and his beloved family.

As if to rub salt to the wounds to ETP, BFM played Kula Shaker's "Tattva" - " Like the flower and the scent of summer, Like the sun and the shine, Well the truth may come in strange disguises, Send a message to your mind"

Yes, Buddha once said, "Three things cannot be hidden for long: the sun, the moon and the truth".

May the truth prevails and we will all know it is one when the words come easy....

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joshua wong said...

Dear Fi-sha,

i enjoyed reading this post very much lah. It's not often that one read of Robbie Williams, Kula Shaker, the ETP, Bfm, Salman Khan, the "Truth" all in one easy-to-digest article.

Totally agree with you that those NKEA interviews with those lab 'guys' are really pathetic, for lack of a better word, especially the first two interviews not by Noelle. And it's not because of the female interviewer.

Also, the grille yesterday with the CEO of Sarawak Energy about the Bakun Dam makes me cringe because the man kept avoiding questions with the standard "no comments" comment. It's exactly like you said. Why do the interview then when you can't even speak your mind freely?

Another thing i want to add before you say i'm being long-winded is the world needs more hero like Mr Khan. What he's doing could be more noble than the whole current ruling politikus had done for the people here. And to think that with his intelligence and smarts he could be doing something that benefits himself instead of helping other less fortunate people.

Had seen a few of his tutorials (the economics section in particular) and they're very good indeed. Again, what would we do without Bfm, right? You take good care ya.