Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Science of Ambition

Th clock struck 3 am when we bid each other goodnight. Yes, Chu and me just had our pillow talk over the weekend, a long and inspiring one that it defied the fact that we were too full (thanks to barbecue party we had that night) and too tired (it's normal we turn ourselves into Cinde(suka)rella cleaning up the mess).

Chu, the proud mother of my Little Women of Penang, shared with me what makes her who she is today, that is having sheer determination and right influence (my Mak and her mostly Chinese friends).

What a coincidence that I came across TIME's "Science of Ambition" a week before I left for my Raya Holiday. Ambition is energy and determination, which make ambitious people persistent lots. The studies show that though energy could be genetically imprinted, some just need the right impetus to kickstart the 'generator'. This not only further proven the idea that success can be nurtured through excellence in sports and sportsmanship and that possessing good health (mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually) is an asset to a nation.

As the researches done highlight the difference of competitiveness between men and women, it is ever so important to have the right balance of power being distributed between men and women to ensure that long term benefits of a competition (which women are genetically good in) would complement men's short term goals in any institution.

This article sheds some important points, which could explain why different races, generally, have different level of ambition. It mentions that two of the biggest influences on our level of ambition are the family that produced you and the culture that produced your family. Parents who set tough but realistic challenges, applaud successes and go easy on failures produce kids with the greatest self-confidence. Isn't that explain why prominent and successful parents do not necessarily bring up ambitious, confident kids?

The importance of ambition isn't all, after all, about gaining wealth and being powerful. By pushing more people into the bracket of upper middle income, we not only are producing successful society that could fend itself, we would, above all, turning them into the most powerful tool in making this world a better place, by having more inventors, revolutionists, thinkers, and many more.

But, is ambition a bad word that some people could be so determined to plunder and make blunders? Perhaps, that could be defined as greed. For me, ambition is a sacred word because it needs determination, tenacity and patience.

May we all be ambitious enough in every single thing we do.

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