Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Turkey's 12 Giant Men and Erdogan

My dear friend said to me before that if he could choose to do something to change the direction of this nation, he is ever so happy to coach a school's sports team.

I know how true that is looking at result of 2010 FIBA World Championship Final, held in Istanbul about a week ago. Turkey's 12 Giant Men were beaten by American team 61 to 84. Wait! I've never heard of Turkey doing so well in Basketball and it took a 16-year long wait before the American clinched the championship (too engrossed with NBA perhaps). Amazingly, unbeknown to many, Turkey is amongst the rarest countries in the world that has an article related to sports in her Constitutions, "The State takes measure to develop the physical and mental health of Turkey citizens of all ages and encourages the spread of sports amongst the masses. The State protects successful athletes" (Article 59).

During the same weekend, 58% of Turks voted "YES" to a package of Constitutional Amendments, which appears to be liberal that could strengthen democracy in Turkey - a Muslim Country with NATO's membership and an aspiring candidate for EU. The amendments, ranging from civilian trials to military officers; the rights of women, the elderly, handicapped people and children will be enhanced; restrictions on unions will be lifted; and individuals will have greater privacy rights to the ability to appeal to the Constitutional Court, also will bring about significant restructuring of its secular judicial system, where power of appointment of judges and prosecutors would be given to the President and legislature. While this unfounded issue has been overplayed by CHK, the secular opposition, market analysts opine that the success of AK's push for amendments is heavily attributed to Erdogan's continued political and economical stability. Poised for third term in the office, Erdogan and his single-party government are in comfortable driver seats to push for their causes, which not only shaken the Turks, but also the West, especially those of Zionist's supporters in the light of its support to continues its business with lone ranger Iran and Mavi Mara Flotilla to Gaza a few months back.

Turkey has embraced the spirit of doing things differently and they have reaped their fruits of labour in time of debilitating economic crisis that hits most EU countries.

Taking from Bloomberg, I would like to share "Erdogan's New Elite" for your reading.

Yes, you can call Erdogan's Turkey anti-secular, terrorist and all, but giving democratic right to its citizens in policy-making clearly reflects their priority that Rakyat is the boss.

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