Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Am A Thousand Winds...

Ramadhan and Syawal have been marked with many passing of our beloved ones so much so that whenever my parents are sound asleep, I would try to locate their breathing signs and I would attempt to wake them up. I don't think I have done and given enough to make them happy and please at their old age. Such thought makes me cringe at night - time is running short and I have so many things to say and do for them.

Today, as I was cooking extra special lunch for them - to celebrate their completion of Puasa Enam - I realise that we would never have enough opportunities if we think we only celebrate their love and care for us only on selected days and occasions. Mak and I had small talks about big things - about ihsan to others, about redha to God's blessings and ketentuan, about enliven those positive traits in our forefathers. Alhamdulillah, I share all of Mak's ideals and I think that would have make her happy to know that I would do what she would do to others when she is no longer around.

True love is about taking care of small things, cherishing the ordinary and living it big in our heart, always.

As our parents grow old, I have learned that we must treat them as tenderly as we could just like how they had treated us when we were small, fragile and scared. They need a little more reassurance and attention. They need us.

I wish to remember those who have passed on to the Other Side in every day's greatness God has granted us. May God blesses their souls and may they know they are forever be in our heart.

In loving memory of them, I would like to share Hayley Westenra's "I Am A Thousand Winds That Blow", based on a poem by Madam Mary Elizabeth Frye.


Antares said...

Ah... such a pure soul!

ian yusof said...

thanks for the reminder .... u r one great being. glad to have u as my dear friend.