Friday, January 2, 2009

The Trouble...

~ With politics is that the winners get the jobs, the losers get the ax and nobody takes down the campaign poster

~ With life is that it doesn't provide instant replays of the our best moments

~ With laryngitis is that you have to wait until you are cured before you can tell anybody about it

~ With a public-address system is that it can amplify a speaker's voice but not his ideas

~ With microwave oven is that dinner is ready before the table is set

~ With being physically fit is that you are apt to wear yourself out trying to stay that way

~ With being a housewife is that when you don't feel well enough to go to work, staying home doesn't do any good

p.s. Extracted from RD December 1978 that i bought for RM1 a fortnight ago, i find them interesting because they are just so very true.

So: -

~ Always make efforts to care for your wife when she's not well,

~ Make sure you know that all moms are superheroes (because they still do houseworks though they aren't feeling well),

~ To get fit physically, it should come with passion and commitment (for more info, please consult my good friend Mr PT MACAM BAGUS),

~ Never rush into things unless you are fully ready,

~ Never get intimidated by anything physical, what mostly matter is what you think,

~ Always arm yourself with a camera (digital/mental) to capture the essence of your best moments and most importantly, be presence so you wont missed out,

~ Winning and losing is part of the game but at the end of the day, life goes on and everybody needs to do their parts...

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