Monday, January 12, 2009

My Heart Cries for Palestine

It is difficult to remain optimistic about my own life and to feel good about myself when Palestinians in Gaza remain a target to the atrocious Zionist Regime. It has been 17 days since the barbaric regime launched its air attacks on Gaza and it won't take too long to clock in 1,000 casualties.

I'm becoming like other 'bystanders' who are pissed off with Mr Barack OBama for his deafening silence on this annihilation. He opened his mouth for Georgia and Mumbai, why not Palestine? Is he practising double standard on humanity? Some say he has been 'strongly warned' by the 'animals' (damn zionists) lobbyists along the corridor of power in Washington.

In Malaysia, people continue to be ignorant of this conflict. While it is happening in Palestine, I believe that it can happen in Malaysia too (please, God forbid) - by looking at our indifference Malaysians. I really hope they would open their eyes and ears to humanity crisis in Palestine when Dr. Jemilah Mehmood, Mercy Malaysia Chairman, expressed her disappointment on the inaction of UN Security Council and the world's big powers.

My heart cries for the Palestinians. How could one who was 'annihilated' in Europe decades ago turn their anger and revenge now on innocent Palestinians?

I can't help but keeping on stressing that this conflict is not at all about religions. You must read and share John Pilger's "Holocaust denied : The lying silence of those who know".

“When the truth is replaced by silence, the silence is a lie” - the Soviet dissident Yevgeny Yevtushenko

"If that is how things are, we are diminished as a civilised society. For what happens in Gaza is the defining moment of our time, which either grants the impunity of war criminals the immunity of our silence, while we contort our own intellect and morality, or gives us the power to speak out. For the moment I prefer my own memory of Gaza: of the people’s courage and resistance and their “luminous humanity”, as Karma Nabulsi put it. On my last trip there, I was rewarded with a spectacle of Palestinian flags fluttering in unlikely places. It was dusk and children had done this. No one told them to do it. They made flagpoles out of sticks tied together, and a few of them climbed on to a wall and held the flag between them, some silently, others crying out. They do this every day when they know foreigners are leaving, believing the world will not forget them" - John Pilger, an award winning Australian journalist and documentary maker.


The Corporate Athlete said...

It's very depressing to know that at my end, there's not much that I can do that just collecting enough signatures for sahabatpalestine, doa recitals & boycotting products (which in turn, will affect thousands of M'sians working with these labels).

Fi-sha said...

Dear Bro, indeed. They say sometimes we have to be cruel to be kind. It may seems inconsiderate to those people but humanity is priceless and we are doing it for humanity. Maybe it is a good time to support our local traders, neighbourhood kedai runcit, pasar malam and pasar tani.