Sunday, January 11, 2009

Heartwarming facts

I don't really watch TV, despite with 2 TV with Astro connected - one each for my parents hehehe - but today, i watched the last 20 minutes of "License to Wed" on HBO and the last part of "Santa Clause 3 : Escape Clause" on Cinemax.

As always, whatever that come my way must have purposes to serve me - so i believe.

"License to Wed" is about Ben and Sadie who have to go through marriage-prep course, conducted by Reverend Frank from Sadie's family church. One of the tests is for Ben to guide Sadie driving - blindfolded. Ben got a plus point admitting he made a mistake and later, with his sarcasms to Sadie, Rev. Frank minus his point. Moral of the scene : Your partner depends on you, so give your best efforts. Sarcasm may sounds funny but it hurts, don't do that. And when thing doesn't turn out as you wanted to, never give up on your partner.

On the eve of the wedding day, the couple and their family went to the church for the wedding rehearsal. Sadie handed her 7-page wedding vows while Ben told Rev. Frank that he is yet to finish his. For Sadie, this reflects Ben's lack of commitment to their wedding, because like any other women, she wanted to hear how much she means to him. Ben, on the other hand, instead of writing down his vows, drew a truck and a circle of fire. So, a fight ensued and Ben brought the issue that he got bored listening to Sadie mentioning too many a time of her guy friend's name when they talked (actually, he was trying to say that he feels threatened by that). In the end, Sadie decided to call off her wedding. Confused and disheartened, Sadie and her family flew down to Jamaica - using her honeymoon's tickets as suggested by Rev. Frank.

Ben's best friend told him that he can start all over again dating others as 'they are many fish out there for him'. Ben got upset because he doesn't like to liken Sadie to a fish as for him, she is the most beautiful, loving and caring person. That made him realise why he wanted to marry Sadie in the first place. Moral of the scene - Never lose sight of your purpose or dream when things get tough.

In Jamaica, the depressed Sadie came to her senses (too) when his guy friend told her that she depended on him i.e. the guy friend too much, instead of getting Ben involved. When she thought Ben doesn't know her, she realised that she is the one who never give Ben a chance to be part of her life and recalling the truck and the circle of fire drew by Ben in his book, she knows what Ben is trying to say i.e. he will even cross the circle of fire to be with her and he will do anything for her (guys, thank god for women really know how to read between the lines ;) Moral of the scene - When you have doubts, it is good to talk (hehhehe TM free ads) and guys, as we already know, are sometimes bad at expressing their feelings. Do help them un-earth their emotions and go on reading between the lines ok? hehhehhe. And, wisdom comes from a clear mind (like Eu Yan Sang's ads for its chicken and ginkgo biloba essence), so don't let emotions cloud your judgement and trust your instincts.

By the way, the couple asked Rev. Frank how he knows whether a couple will get married or not. Of course, by passing his marriage-prep course. I believe that every single things we on daily basis can be translated of who we are and the best way to know whom you can spend the rest of your life with someone is to make a trip together. If both of you survived and grow closer, let's hear the wedding bell ringing.

In Santa Clause 3, there was this one scene where Lucy's parents were frozen by the evil Jack Frost. The Counsel of Legendary Figures couldn't help them neither do Santa while the evil Frost told them that he can't help Lucy's parents without melting himself (he has this frozen icy look). Santa asked Lucy to help. How? Lucy gave the evil Frost a hug. So, Frost asked the little girl what was that hug for? Lucy told him it is a hug to warm his heart. Jack Frost, who is played by Martin Short, turned into a normal gentleman and Lucy's parents came back to life! The rest is history as everybody lives happily.

Moral of this scene - a hug really warms your heart. I had many hugs yesterday from my aunt, Leena, Nadhirah and Lisa when they came over to my house for Italian Brunch from PG.

For me, hugs come naturally and amongst my cousins, i win the most hug contest hands down. (rest assured, free from vote-buying and nepotism). Not to say that i'm popular but i think they (my atuk sedara, mak sedara, anak dara dan yang sewaktu dengannya hehheh) feel close to me.

Scientifically proven, hugs are good for your health - physically, mentally and emotionally - and women benefit more than men. So, may I know when was the last time you hug someone?

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