Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Watch out - 'Clowns' at Work

A taxi driver in KL was fined for RM70 or a day’s jail for wearing jeans during driving taxi in August 2007 – a lenient fine considering that he could end up paying RM2,000 or face up to 6 months in jail. JPJ’s prosecuting officer told the press that the drivers have to adhere to the dress code and it is compulsory for the taxi drivers to wear black pants and white shirt (in addition to slippers) as they were stressed upon granting the Public Service Vehicle. Read here for the joke.

Why I said it is a BIG TIME JOKE because B(e)N(d) Gomen loves catching ‘ikan bilis’, who are required to comply to rules they created so we Malaysians will be seen to the world as civilised. Takut jatuh standard. So, how about our corrupted Gomen and businessmen, well known the world over, as shared here by Yang Berkhidmat Jeff Ooi in his “Kuala Clowns”. Can someone out there prosecute them? Can we sue them for damaging our Ibu Pertiwi’s image and negatively affected our FDI (read : economic growth, job opportunity, livelihood)?

Someone, who has been haunted by the late Mongolian interpreter, said that the polls cannot be used to gauge B(e)N(d) leaders’ popularity..hehehhehehheh…Eh, Malaysia Boleh kan? Why cannot one? So, people in KT, would you do us concerned Malaysians a favour – vote for PR please, since we cannot sue them for tarnishing our image abroad? My thanks in advance for your thoughtful consideration!

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