Sunday, August 17, 2008

A sincere appeal to Malaysia's KingMakers!

I asked my mother, who will win in P44 by-election? Subconsciously, she said Arif Shah... Since yesterday, i had a bad feeling that DSAI will not win easily. Not without many tricks and strings by the goner (and tak guna) UMNO.

First attempt, Saiful the mole took his Quranic oath in KL and the malay MSM splashed their first page with his oath - verbatim. Thank God my nephews wont be reading them today as it is so despicable to allow such utterance of many words, it seemed like we are reading a sex ed pamphlet (i dont read past first page as touching the MSM itself feel like a sin to me). I pray that one fine day, he will remembered as one of the most shameful malaysians.

For the next 8 days, they will be more character assassination of DSAi and PR. There will be more protest by some money-hungry UiTM students on suggestion by TKI on giving 10% UiTM intake to non-bumi. There will be more filthy stories about how dysfunctional PR is.

I wonder how did we get into this whole shit and how do we untangle this web of confusion amongst malaysians? I pray hard that those who are empowered to ensure fair by-election and those who have rights to vote will have conscience, integrity and honesty to do what is fair i.e. meletakkan sesuatu pada tempatnya.

My mother asked me did they ever asked someone who casted a black magic on someone to stop doing that and why they needed to do that in the first place? It made me thinks - hmmm... once we get all the goons in the cells, i would want to delve into their minds and get the truth why on the earth they did what they did?

51 years ago, our grandfathers fought hard to be free from colonialism. Poverty was everywhere, races were divided to create hatred and they fought in blood and sweat. 51 years on, we are just like them but as pathetic and silly as it sounds, the enemy is no longer colonialism. The evil is amongst us, languishing in luxury at the expense of others, brandishing keris to protect their rights (when the rights were trampled down by they themselves), uttering moronic statements (that made malaysians look so foolish in the eyes of the world), 'robotting' malaysians (thinking is not allowed).

To the kingmakers, give victory to PR. Give us many hopeful malaysians a chance to open a new chapter of Great Malaysia with sending DSAI to the August House. Dont let us down and leave us in despair. This is what we have been waiting for. We have a lot of works to do, to clear all these mess we have unnecessarily accumulated for the past 30 years to bring back glory to Malaysia and its people.

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