Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The art of poli(attac)king

I've just emerged from clouds of confusion in my workplace. Boy, am i relieved because being in a silent, hostile cold war zone wrecked your soul. Alhamdullilah...

Though i cant reveal much, all i can say we cant avoid politics, even in a family. Out of the war zone, i think we should always see the good side of people and not picking on the not-so-good ones, we should learn to confront and listen, we should strive not to personalise any issue and most importantly, we should accept, forgive and let go.

While walking through this war zone, i was astonished that people that arent so close to me have greater interest in me and start sharing their side of stories. Yet, i know i shouldnt get excited with such interest as we know, some people click with us for some agenda, we innocent minds never thought of. Then again, i should never regard it negatively. We should do what we want others to do to us too, right?

Amidst all these havocs, there are still people who think good of you, understand you, who always have your best interest in mind. These people make my day for the past 1 month.

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